Monday, December 29, 2014

The Past Is Not Here

I forgive and release the past.
All the is left of my past are the blessings.
The past is gone; it can touch me not.
I happily let go of everything I do not value.
Learn, Let Go and Move On.
Now is the Only Time We Have.
Judging the past merely repeats the past.
Forgiving the past, clears it so we can create new.

Use your life well by learning along the way.
When we judge, hate, fear and resent, we do not complete the learning.
When we place a judgment on anything we get stuck with its continuance.
When we release our guilt and blame and victimization, we free ourselves to fully learn.

The past is like a movie we can watch again and again.
We can review the movies from our past and recognize what resonates and what no longer is valuable.
What we value, we review and repeat.
When we relinquish value, we need not replay.

The mis-creations and misperceptions we have made and seen, can be easily erased.
The focus on wrongs and rights often leads to replaying the wrongs and rights in life.
When we simply see what has been as gone, we need not even remember or store it for later review.
When we are finished with those old movies, we can discard them without concern.
What is done is done.

There are those memories that folks prefer to hand onto.
Memorabilia, photo albums, history books and lessons learned can be archived and readily accessed.
When we need not redo or retake the same photo or lesson, it is best simply to set it aside.
When we have learned what was valued, give it your blessing of gratitude and move on.

The energy left in yesterday can be used to fully enjoy today.
The time and effort it takes to take care of what was may be better used for appreciating what is.
The negatives energy placed o avoiding, resenting, fearing and hating the past, is a waste of time.
Think wisely about what matters and focus on living in the now, fully valuing where you are now.

I prefer to live each day fully and freely, valuing what is today.
I focus on being present with what is, learning from everything.
I receive the most valuable feedback from being fully present.
I can easily choose to change everything when I am here and now.

I am responsible for everything I experience.
I have asked for and experience as I have asked.
I can quickly forgive, erase and undo whatever experience I choose to change.
I can most easily undo and create a new truth when I a responsible for my current experience.
I know that life is my creative experience and expression and creations when I am responsible.

Judgments distort and confuse my perceptions.
I free myself when I take full responsibility for my life.
Life works for me when I am willing to be responsible for the choices I make.
I easily and quickly forgive every mistaken thought, word and deed.

Prayerful Release:
May we awaken to the reality of our self-created illusions with self-forgiveness and even amusement at the stories we continued to tell and repeat by the telling.
May we enjoy the sense of freedom and self responsibility when we know the Goodness and Power of Re-Creation within us. (Instant Replay)
May we reach out to others with fearlessness and conscious awareness in remembering we are not alone.
May we return to the innocent trust of a child, as we celebrate our power to undo what we no longer choose to be true.

Transformation is revealed when we are healed from our own guilt and withholding Love.
Love Prevails, because Only Love is Real!

Betty Lue