Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stop What Is Not Good!

I forgive myself for hurting anyone or anything including myself.
I now choose to do what is right and good and true.
I relinquish all attack on myself or others in thoughts, words or actions.
I choose to always give my best with what I say and do and imagine.

Stop all fighting!
Stop what hurts!
Stop what scares you!
Stop eating and drinking what is not Good!

Why would anyone hurt the ones they love?
Why would you keep scaring yourself with thoughts, words or actions?
Why not stop it and give yourself what is Good for you?
It is time we learn to stop ourselves!

Stop tempting yourself with what is unhealthy.
Stop giving yourself what brings unhappiness.
Stop doing what creates anxiety or fear or pain.
Stop reminding yourself of past regrets and resentments.

Just stop doing over and over what hurts, scares or upsets you.

When you are going down a scary road, turn around and go back.
When you are living a life that brings guilt, stop and  choose again.
When you are saying what you know causes hurt, stop and apologize.
When you are being mean or ugly or scary, stop and step away.

Where did we learn to keep going where we know is off purpose?
How did we learn to keep doing what is wrong?
When did we learn to keep living in ways that are unsafe?
Who cares when and when and how……just stop!

Before we can choose a better way, we must stop doing what is the wrong way.
Before we can make a change of mind, we must stop thinking in the same old ways.
Before we can learn to talk and behave in a new way, we must unlearn, erase and clear the old ways.
Forgive, erase, delete and clear your mind of past negative and limited thinking, speaking and behaving.

Use forgiveness!
Forgiving yourself is a mental cleanser.
Do the work and Delete whatever is not good for you.
I now forgive and delete everything that is not wholly good and loving.

Use Affirmations!
Affirmations are positive words used to push out all the negatives.
Do the work and affirm what you choose to live.
I easily stop all negative, hurtful and limiting thoughts, words and behavior.

Ask me for more help as you need guidance.
The more you forgive and affirm, the faster the results.
Stop what is bad and wrong.
Do what is good and right.

The change we want to see begins with you and me.
Take responsibility today for doing what is best for everyone.
No more excuses and ignorance.
Choose today to be the one you know you can be.

Loving you and appreciating you desire to live what is true.

Betty Lue