Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What Time Is It?

I love being here now.
I appreciate all I am, all I do and all I have.
I breathe into the reality of now and celebrate the good in me.
What I know in me, I see in everyone.

Are you ahead of time?
Are you behind the times?
Are you living in the time of now?
Are you wishing you were back then?

Some live in the future hopes and dreams.
Some live in the past memories of what was.
Some live anticipating what could be.
Some live with regret for what could have been.

Time travel is great for the movies, but it doesn’t work well to live well.
Reality is found in the here and now.
11/11 was seen as a portal to another dimension.
To get from where you are to wherever you want to be… you must be aware of where you are.

The Power of Now is realizing that true unlimited power is right now.
The power to think and speak and act is now
The power to choose and create and commit is now.
To power to enjoy, appreciate and celebrate is right now.

Do you pay attention to your thoughts?
Do you listen to what you say and to whom?
Do you observe your behavior and expressions?
Are you aware of what you are expressing in the moment?

What and who is choosing for you?
What are you creating right now?
What do you commit to be and do and have?
Are you aware of what is your intention in the now?

Have you counted your blessings?
Have you noticed the beauty?
Have you loved you right where you are?
Have you fully appreciated all that you have?

Where we are determines where and how far we will go.
If we are here, we can choose freely were we go.
If we are somewhere else, we need to come home first.
When we live in the now, we have the ultimate power of choice.

Consider that Past-future tripping is a drain on your energy.
Consider that living where you are not, excludes the experience of living here now.
Consider that life is meant to be well lived and lived well.
Consider that your awareness of your time, this time is the only real moment you have to live well.
Consider living life today in a way you would be willing to live forever.

Loving you well, right now.
Betty Lue

Love always Love!
Dare to care about you!!
Then You can care for everyone, too.

Betty Lue