Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Life Changing Words

I consciously choose words to heal.
I desire a positive outcome to every exchange.
I express my highest truth to achieve the highest Good.
I use language that is beneficial with love as my intention.

Listen to the words you use.
Pay attention to what they say.
Learn how they are received by others.
Honor what the receiver hears.

So often people say what they do not mean.
People often neglect to say what is true.
Messages are often coded with mixed messages.
What we are saying is really intended for ourselves.

Consider using these phrases frequently.
Watch what happens to your relationships.
Feel what is going on within you.
Learn how words can heal.

I am Sorry
Please forgive me.
Thank You .
I Appreciate

I am sorry you are hurting.
I am sorry for not knowing.
I am sorry you feel that way.
I am sorry for pain and problems.

Please forgive me for misunderstanding.
Please forgive me for not seeing the strength and goodness in you.
Please forgive me for not knowing what to say or do.
Please forgive me for not giving you what you want.

Thank you for caring and sharing.
Thank you for telling me your truth.
Thank you for taking good care of you.
Thank you for forgiving me and others too!

I appreciate how we are learning.
I appreciate clearing pain, problems and misunderstanding.
I appreciate how you are loving yourself .
I appreciate you for living your life your way.

When you share with others, be aware of how they hear what you say.
Meanings are distorted by feelings, tones, energies and  life experiences.
People take what they hear and run it through the filter of their lives.
Words have many definitions and interpretations, so consider what you say .

Choose wisely and well.
Deliver the message that is true in your heart.
Clarify the goal you would achieve.
Always intending and extending Love on One and All!!
Betty Lue

“If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.”
From My Grandma Dickerson and possible your Grandma too!!