Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Give Only Good News

The topic is be positive.
Share what is for Goodness sake.
Life is fun, safe and easy.
Everything works together for Good.

So what appears to be not Good?
Study Buddies teacher needing medical and financial help.
Internet blocking my Loving Reminders
Medi Cal screening and authorization blocked.
Rentals needing attention.
No heat in Middletown Suite.
Schedule full with limited time for completing.
Clients having extreme needs with alcohol

And what is the inter-fear-ence?
Too much to handle?
Not responding with ease?
Not listening within?

Where do I begin?
Tell yourself the truth as you hear it.

I am Love.
It is my Love I am here to give.
When I am loving all works well.
When I get frustrated, I block my love and faith.

All is working when I am flowing with what is.
When I am feeling frustrated, my love is not flowing.
When I am pushed, I cannot hear and see where to go.
When I allow life to pull at me, I am not free.

I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to listen within.
I am here to represent only Love.
I am here to fully realize the Love I am.

Do I have too many to respond to?
Am I setting myself up to feel pulled and pushed.
Am I clear about my own needs for time and space?
Am I not choosing what is highest and best for me?

No need for disaster, anger or fear.
I simply need to be clear.
I must allow myself to enjoy.
When I am not happy, I am off purpose.

So what do I do when I don’t know what to do.
I let go and trust God.
I allow what is to be.
I set myself free.

And then there is the place where I am
Taking on the shit and pain of others requires release.
Am I releasing the pain and problems of the world.
Am I giving it all to God.

Am I trusting in the Goodness within.
I am here to care and share.
I am here to do the work and always return to Love.
I am the share what I have and give to those I can.
I am here to listen to God’s voice.

When I have faith, I am confident.
When I listen to God, I am at peace.
When I trust what I hear, I know what to say.
When I am happy, I am free.

And so it is, I must let go.
And so it is, I must listen within.
And so it is, I must trust and follow what I hear.
And so it is , I must choose happiness.

I love myself and my life.
I love giving and sharing.
I love listening and caring.
I love being the happy willing learned.

I am Love,
Betty Lue