Monday, November 24, 2014

Gratitude Works!

I am grateful to give and receive Love.
I appreciate all I have and all I give.
Life expands exponentially with my thankfulness.
I enjoy and appreciate all good in all that is.

It is true that Gratitude is the way we empower Love.
To be truly Thankful lifts our Spirit.
To be truly Grateful bring life Energy.
To be truly appreciative increases Prosperity.

What would we do without Gratitude?
Life would be empty and meaningless.
Love would be fickle and foolish.
Relationships would be fleeting and futile.

Try a day with thanksgiving for everything and everyone.
Consider being openly grateful for all you have.
Give appreciation for all you are and all you give.
Give each day to the expression of gratitude.

This day and everyday will transform with your full appreciation.
God and Goodness is fully present when we live in gratitude.
We begin to believe in the power of Love when we see our blessings.
Life seems richer and more purposeful when we are truly appreciative.

When we give our selves to Love, Love returns to us.
When we give our lives with gratitude, joy is our gift.
Wherever we focus our attention and intention, we receive more.
When we are truly grateful, we see and feel the blessings expand.

The thoughts of gratitude expand us.
The feelings of gratitude inspire us.
The words of gratitude empower us.
The deeds of gratitude prosper us.

And so it is, we are blessed.
We are the blessing and the blessed.
We are the giver, the receiver and the gift.
With every gratitude, we are strengthened in our trust.

Gratitude is Love.
Gratitude is empowering.
Gratitude grows Goodness.’
Gratitude is fun, safe and easy.

I am truly and totally grateful for you being in my life and in my world.
Betty Lue