Sunday, November 23, 2014

Helping Helps Everyone Be More Helpful

I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to share the love within me.
I easily reach out with kindness and caring to everyone.
I know, teach and live helpfulness and caring.

When anyone helps anyone, everyone is blessed.
When each one helps just one, everyone will be helped.
When we all learn to be truly helpful, there will be no one left without.
Helpfulness is easily learned when everyone is helpful.

When we grow up in families where everyone helps, there is no lack.
When we live in communities where everyone is helpful, everyone cares.
When we teach our children to be truly helpful everyday, helping is fun, safe and easy.
When we live in a helpful world, we are truly care for one another.

What can we do to be truly helpful?
We can begin where we are.
Helpfulness is natural to those who care.
Caring is the natural way to love one another.

There was a time when every family member helped with the chores everyday.
There was a time when everyone had their own ability appropriate jobs to do.
There was a time when families took pride in sharing the work, all together.
There was a time when cleanliness, order and harmony were the ideal among all peoples.

It is helpful to respect our elders and ourselves.
It is helpful to care and help wherever there is a need.
It is helpful to be willing to share what you have.
It is helpful to keep your home and affairs clean and in order.

Little ones can put toys away and clothes in the hamper.
Younger ones can set the table and do the dishes and make their beds.
Older children can take care of the yard, make meals and clean the bathrooms.
Parents can set the example by keeping their beds made, the home orderly, the bills paid.

Each person in a healthy family has their own rights, responsibilities and privileges.
When children manage their own rooms, schoolwork and chores responsibly, privileges can be earned.
When parents demonstrate respect, responsibility and cooperation, children learn to do the same.
When the family works together, helps each other and appreciates one another, they live in harmony.

Helpfulness is a gift to be shared.
Helping one another is a privilege to be given.
Being truly helpful in thought word and deed teaches everyone everywhere.
When we learn to have a helping attitude, we feel happy, healthy and safe.

Life is to be shared with those who care.
Caring means helping with gratitude and joy.
Caring brings safety, security and a profound sense of well-being.
Be truly helpful wherever you are and whatever you do and you will know others will always help you.

Love only love, Betty Lue

Thank you for being Helpful with your family and friends, and those you are inspired give Help and Contribute/
Your life will be more healthy and happy, peaceful and prosperous when you are truly helpful to others!

Our new Reunion Family Center in Middletown, CA is based on Everyone Helps Everyone”.
We have teal bracelets to remind the children and parents in the Study Buddies after school Program.
The All-Volunteer Program provides mentoring and encouragement, tutoring and homework help.
The children are offered a healthy snack, fun time outside and inside games to play after homework.
Every Friday night families gather for good movies, games and crafts, open mic sharing talents.
The rent and utilities are paid by donations of parents and community members and Reunion.
Furnishings and supplies are another way of being helpful.
Volunteers help with cleaning and maintenance comes form those willing to be helpful.
The Children's Garden will come from the community working together to be helpful.

We are encouraging everyone to join in the fun that comes from truly caring and sharing.
We can all care more and be more helpful within our families, workplace and communities.
Your helpfulness with contributions, volunteering, positive thoughts, encourages others to be helpful.

If you want to contribute to the Family Center, thank you in advance.

$50/mo sponsors one child for the month of Study Buddies from 2:45 until 5:45 daily, (or at 12:45 with early dismissal).
You can send your donation to Reunion directly or through pay pal.

Mailing address: Reunion, 17664 Greenridge Rd, Hidden Valley Lake, CA, 95467