Saturday, November 22, 2014

What Do You Do When…….?

Life is what it is.
I no longer take life personally.
I free myself to simply be myself.
Life works because I relinquish all judgment and attack.

Your computer is down?
Your bank account is overdrawn?
Someone stops talking to you?
You don’t have a turkey for Thanksgiving?

What do you do when you don’t know where to go for help?
What do you do when you can’t fix a problem?
What do you do when your care doesn’t work?
What do you do when someone acts like a jerk?

How do you react or respond to problems?
Do you judge or get creative?
Do you feel hurt and victimized or pay attention?
How you personalize life determines your reaction or response.

Emotions come from our thoughts.
Thoughts can be analytical, theoretical or purely subjective.
When we take everything personally, it is likely we will be hurt or offended.
When we feel hurt or offended by something someone said or did, we will feel defensive.

Once we feel hurt, offended and defensive, we are caught either fleeing or attacking.
Neither position is effective or helpful.
Consider waiting until the initial self protective reaction abates.
Then ask yourself “What can I do?” And “What will be helpful?”

Once we begin thinking in a logical or practical way, we recognize we are not stuck.
The freedom that comes from observation and opening our thoughts begets creativity.
The creative mind is seeking ways to feel better and have a more effective response.
The willing mind will clear the emotions and look at what is real in present time.

Objective thinking sees what is with actual observable information.
The subjective minds views life experiences as always belonging to itself.
What did I do to create this?
Why did this happen to me?

The mind makes up excuses and justification for everything, either to blame or feel guilt.
Our blaming usually conjures being afraid, defensive and blamed in return.
Our guilty thinking makes up feel sorry, embarrassed and wrong and withdraws.
We have the ability to undo guilt and blame, simple by choosing again.

To forgive is to relinquish all attack on ourselves and others.
To forgive is to erase all justification, excuses and defenses.
To forgive is to see what is and let go of taking it personally.
To forgive is to trust and free ourselves and others to learn, laugh and let go.

When we are open and willing to learn, we laugh more.
When we are open and willing to let go, we trust more.
When we are open and willing to love, we feel free more.
When we are open and willing to allow, we enjoy life more.

Life is filled with learning opportunities
Learning to let go with laughter allows us to Love.
And so it is I am Loving YOU,

Betty Lue