Saturday, October 11, 2014

You May Not Understand!

Everyone is my teacher.
I listen with an open mind and learn from everyone and everything.
I am willing and able to respond to all things with respect and kindness.
I forgive all misunderstanding, ignorance, prejudice or wanting my way.

“Education for seekers to find a better way!”

If you want to be happy, do not make others unhappy.
If you want to be healthy, do not do or say or think unhealthy thoughts.
If you want to be faithful. be confident and true to your own values.
If you want to make a difference, clean up your own life.

Life works best from inside out.
When we do our own work, it changes the world around us.
When we are happy, healthy, faith-filled and true to our selves, we are conscious and committed.
When we want to see a change, we must create change within ourselves.

Stop wasting time condemning, complaining, criticizing and correcting others.
Focus on your own life.
You begin to recognize all your judgments and justifications, excuses and explanations are defenses,
Listen to your own projections onto others and apply them to yourself.

What we see in others lives within us. (or we could not see it.)
When we clean out our closets of archived history, we begin to see clearly.
Do to other what you want others to do to you.
Do not expect, compare or judge yourself or others for what is done or left undone.

Everyone is in their own stage of awareness and application.
Each person has their own unique path, purpose, lessons to learn and timing.
Week not to interfere with others life journey or process until you are complete with yours.
All of us are learning our lessons, finding our way as we awaken when we are good and ready.

Answer questions when asked, but no need to waste advice on those who do not seek.
Listen when you talk to others to see what you need to hear.
For many speaking is the way to awaken to ourselves.
Be aware that you are always talking to you and for you and your own point of view.

Seek to understand, before seeking to be understood.
Often others answer their own questions and needs when given the time to be heard.
Listen with your heart to what others say to find the inner truth, the call for love and being seen.
Be patient and peaceful, when you listen to others, seeking only for their need or call for love.

Being quiet is a gift for you and for the world.
Talking fills the space, but often doesn’t fill the heart.
Talking may be a distraction, because people don’t know what to say or do to express their Love.
Allowing yourself and others to have quality time in silence is a gift.

Remember everyone is different than you.
Each person has different desires, ways of being and relating, lessons to learn and ways to feel loved.
When we come to see and understand, accept and appreciate the differences, we will know great peace.
Allow each person to be who they are by respecting their unique process of living.

Take care of the best in you and let the rest go.
Ingest the best from others and forgive the rest.
Discern what works and what doesn’t work.
Choose wisely and well for what is Good for All.

Loving our learning,
Betty Lue