Friday, October 10, 2014

Give for Goodness Sake!

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to love.
There is always time to send a prayer,  a blessing, a thank you.
Life is for Giving and I am the Gift.
Giving is the way I realize the gift I AM.
Everyone can give.
Everyone can help.
Everyone can serve.
Everyone can benefit others.

There is no excuse for not giving your “thanks”.
No excuse for not sharing your love.
No excuse for not blessings others’ live.
No excuse for not being truly helpful.

Giving, helping and serving are sharing life energy.
When we are open-hearted and willing to share, everyone benefits.
The giver receives the gift of giving.
The receiver receive the gift of feeling given to .

When sharing giving and receiving no one loses.
When being open to receive the giver is blessed.
When being willing to give the receiver is blessed.
And so it is we experience the fullness of both.

How much can be given in a moment of kindness.
How valuable is our voice, our words, our smile, our touch.
How important  each moment, each gift of respect and consideration.
How rich life can be when we take the time to use each encounter for good.

Yes, I value YOU!
Yes. I am giving my best to be TRUE.
Yes, I send you my love and respect.
Yes, this is a calling I will never regret.

I know if we all opened our hearts, there would be no more tears.
I know if we each gave our best, there would only be success.
I know if we took the time to sing and shout with joy, we would live in Love.
I know if we remembered ever sister and brother is gratitude and respect, everyone would be blessed.

It takes so little and means so much to GIVE
Give the extra dollar you have where it is really needed.
Give the extra thank you with meaning where it is really received.
Give the extra touch of your eyes with true kindness where is will really be awakening.

I see you.
I know you.
I love You.
We are here to love and learn and laugh with one another, day by day.
I wish you only Love.
Betty Lue

Many ways and places to give!

See this video of what loans can do for many around the world. Click on the link below.
I recommend you explore the are of giving loans to be used over and over again.
I am sharing with hundreds of folk in many countries, each benefiting their  families and communities.
What a blessings to share once or every month as I do.
Loving you, Betty Lue (Click on the link or put in into your website for an inspiring video.)

Reunion Family Center was opened in Middletown, CA.on October 1.2014
We have community  people coming together to help our children, teens and families.
1. We immediately started our no cost Study Buddies Program, after school five days/week.
2. We already have a  fully equipped kitchen for healthy snacks, healthy potlucks and cooking workshops.
3. We already have a quiet room for napping, quiet reading or simply being alone for solitary time.
4. Our arts and crafts room has tables and chairs, shelves in the closet.
5. Our Center has 1/3 acre yard for gardens and play structure.
This is all being sponsored by Reunion + Robert and I, for the benefit of children, teens and their families.

Current needs are volunteers for help and supervision, books for children and teens, Kindles for research,
Yard work, landscaping and gardening, classes and programs offered to the community, monthly contributions for rent and utilities,
Blessings and prayers of gratitude, school supplies, and specifics on request.
We have begun and have furnished this home, our Reunion Family Center in one week and now the most important part begins.
If you are called, please email me or send contributions to Reunion Family Center at PO Box 302, Middletown, CA 95461

This is the first beautiful gift to the children and their parents!  Thanks to Jeannie Albee.
Motto: Everyone helps Everyone.
Study Buddies
A quiet place for homework help, study, 
read a book, research, and tutoring.

Free. Contributions welcomed.

21055 Bush Street, Middletown

Monday-Thursday 2:45 – 5:45 pm
Friday 2:45-4:45

707 809-8019, Jeannie Albee