Sunday, October 12, 2014


I forgive quickly and return to love easily.
I am free and trust in the Love within me.
I quickly let go of any negative or limiting emotions and thoughts.
I trust in the value of loving no matter what.

Often we take on relationships which are projects…one a teacher and the other a learner.
These relationships are for the purpose of healing or helping both people to remember and fully realize Love and the power of Love. 

When both parties are willing, the teaching and learning is fun, safe and easy. 
When there is unwillingness and resistance, judgment and fear, comparison and belittling of self or the other, the relationship is painful and unfulfilling to both. 
The attachment to wanting it to be a certain way or to yield a desired outcome, can lead to disappointment, frustration and suffering. 

You can choose to stay attached and suffer. 
You can choose to stay and accept the way it is. 
You can choose to leave and stay disappointed and suffer. 
You can choose to leave and accept life's opportunities to learn, let go and choose again.

Your inner teacher knows what is highest and best for all concerned. 
When we are stuck in our own judgments and distorted perceptions, we cannot see the higher ground.  You may want to set a goal, Ie. Peace of mind (from which will follow understanding.)
Then give the goal and your relationship to spirit.
When you give your relationship to spirit, let go and observe giving both trust and freedom to the Highest Good for all concerned. 

Watch what happens. 
Appreciate everything that comes up. 
Keep visioning the highest Good for all concerned.

Yes, all of us are teachers and learners.
Yes, teachers are learning as they teach
Such is the value of teaching and learning. 
When the teaching and learning is complete, there may be a change in the form of relationship.

Some seek to prolong the relationship because of prior commitments, societal mores or security.
Some seek to end the relationship with criticism and judgment, pain and bitterness.
Some appreciate and bless what has been completed and make it easy to let go.
Some participate fully in the honorable closure until both parties are open, willing and peaceful.
Some leave first, make amends and heal the release later.

You may want to make a list of all you are learning in your relationship. 
You may want to express all you are grateful for with your partner. 
You may want to focus on the Good that has come from your Union with your chosen one.
You may want to ask Spirit to tell you if and when it is time to let go before you move on.

When two people come together who are at the same level of relationship, they may stay together for a lifetime relationship with both teaching and learning, giving and receiving equally.  This seems to be rare.
I experienced this level of relationship when I had completed my more challenging assignments.

Remember Love is the way.
Love is trust and freedom. 
Goodness and God are in charge. 
Cling to nothing and no one.
Love and let go and what is meant to be with you will stay until you are complete. 
Loving you,  
Betty Lue

1. Engage with one another in conversation and sharing when you are at your best!
2. Write your own personal list of agreements for your relationship with one another ( or anyone you LOVE).
3. Before you interact or spend time on phone or in person or even write a text or email, go over your list of agreements.
4. Make sure you stay in integrity with what is highest and best for both every time.
5. Immediately apologize and forgive yourself if you forget to keep the agreements you have made with yourself!

Your work is to clean up your own act.
    Make no assumptions.
    Keep your agreements.
    Take nothing personally.
    Always give your best.

1. Read the Four Agreements by Don Michael Ruiz.
2. Take the assessment and share your preferences simply with one another.
3. Honor (respect) the other’s requests with no question, comment, arguing, etc.
4. Stop looking at the past or future and treat each encounter, present moment, as the precious time it is.
5. You have only the current contact or conversation to express your love, caring and gratitude so use it well.
6. Waste no time going over the past.  It is gone.
7. Start enjoying your life and your self and your choices today.

Love brings joy.
Fear generates pain.
When you are not in joy, you have made a mistake.

Step away and choose again.