Friday, October 31, 2014

Take Off the Mask!

Affirmations: ( Use an affirmation to write and say 20 times daily to clear the blocks to being free to choose the real You.)
I put love into all the parts that I play.
I give myself time to connect with the inner Truth.
I live in integrity and find courage and confidence.
I see what is in me is also in you.
LOVE is our Essence: I cannot be fooled.

Take off your mask and what do you see?
Who is the one looking at me?
How can I tell who I am and what’s real?
How do I know what I think and I feel?

When we play lots of parts, we get confused.
When we follow the crowd, we don’t see who leads.
When we pretend so not to offend, we may feel upended.
When we feel lost because we are conflicted, we may go nowhere.

Some say there is a shadow side to us all.
Some believe in Jekyll and Hyde.
Some think we have many personalities.
Some simply see either love or fear calling for Love.

However you frame the experience of you, it may be time to see what is true.
Often we believe what others have told us.
Sometimes we simply try to fit in.
Some pretend to be what they admire.
Others create a persona which they can defend.

However we choose to believe what is true, we may be talking about what we see within you.
Take a look at what you see out there.
Imagine you could not see what you do not know within you.
Perhaps projections are simply identifying what we seek to be or avoid being.

Is there an intelligent chooser within you?
Is there a consciousness that shows us where to begin?
Like putting on a costume or wearing a mask……
Are we choosing to play out our own chosen task?

Consider the possibility we are here to be free.
Consider we have chosen the parts that we play.
Consider we are learning the freedom of choice.
Consider we are director, script writer and actor too..

What do you choose to be and to do?
What part do you play and for whom are you playing?
What outcome do you want in the scene you are making?
What lines to you deliver with clarity and calm?

Do you believe in the essential you?
Have you looked beneath the mask, the story and script?
Have you asked yourself if you want to continue playing this part?
Are you ready to delete, let go and choose something new?

I am aligned with the part I play each day.
I am strong in the integrity of being me.
I am consistently returning always to love.
I trust Love is who I am and so are you.
Betty Lue