Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let Go!

Letting Go is fun, safe and easy.
I easily release all that no longer serves me.
Love is letting go of fear, resentment and clinging.
My mind automatically releases everything that is not wholly true and loving.

Let go and see what happens.
When you feel blocked, look to see what is in the way.
When you feel stuck, listen to see what you are fearing.
When you feel lost, pay attention to the signs around you.

Life is a map.
You need to know where you are.
You must choose a destination.
And then you consult the map to find you direction.

When you don’t want to go anywhere or do anything, just stay where you are.
When you do want to go somewhere but don’t know where, make a list of what you want to experience.
When you know what experience you want, try out a few to find what works for you.
When you have no clue about who you are or where you are or what you want, pay attention.

When I walk with you with words, find the words that relate to you.
When I listen to you with your words, pay attention to what you are saying.
When I honor your heart and its choices, notice what you believe.
When you want to be something and go somewhere, let go and begin again.

Much of life is wishing you were sailing along carefree and happy.
When you are anchored or tethered, you can only go in your wishful thinking.
Begin to move and stretch, open and explore.
Take little field trips as you move through your fears.

When home base is attached to a person, place of thing, you will not be free to move on.
When home base lies within you, you can let go and allow you energy to flow wherever you want to go.
Like a two year old who wants to become independent, allow yourself to step away and then return.
Leave and return as much as you like, until you notice the unknown is safe, fun, and easy.

Home lies within you.
Consider making every place home for you.
Give yourself the present moment and know inner peace.
Recognize your destination already exists.

Be still and know The Good within you.
Take time to listen to find the same place in you.
Love yourself with freedom and Trust.
Awaken the Spirit of Love through You, for You and In You!

Loving The OM within You.

Betty Lue