Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Are You Getting What You Want?

I am totally responsible for how I respond to my life.
I love being responsible for the freedom of choice I have.
Getting what I want is really giving myself what I want.
I love being responsible and working to have what I want.

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Are you going where you want to go?
Are you doing what you want to do?
Are you loving the way you want to love?
Are you enjoying the life you have?

Disappointment is a sign you are not getting what you want.
Resentment is a sign you are not doing what you want to do.
Unhappiness is a sign you are not enjoying the life you have.
Every sign or symptom is a wake up call to take responsibility.

Who is responsible for your life?
Who is responsible for your disappointment, resentment and unhappiness?
Who is willing to make the changes to have the life you want?
Who is ready to wake up and do whatever it takes to have what you want?

This is your life to own, to have, to do, live and love, to enjoy.
What do you need to change to have your life work for you?
You need to work on you to have exactly what you need and want.
How do you begin to make the choices and changes you recognize?

1) Become aware of what works and what doesn’t work.
2) Acknowledge your responsibility and your mistakes.
3) Forgive your ignorance, laziness and dependence.
4) Clear your mind of fear and listen within: “What Can I do?”
5) Affirm your right and responsibility to choose again for something better.
6) Accept the Good that comes you way from your inspiration and creativity.
7) Appreciate all you have and do and give and know.

Everyday is a new beginning.
Every choice is to discover what works.
Every moment is an opportunity to change, choose or commit.
Let go of what does not work and choose again for what works for you.

Sounds simple, but needs work.
Sounds fun, but needs focus.
Sounds safe, but needs consciousness.
Sounds easy, but needs time.

So get to work on creating the life you want to have.
Stop waiting for someone else to make you life what you want it to be.
Stop blaming someone or something for what you don’t have and can’t get.
Take responsibility for doing the REAL WORK on You and for You.

Loving you for doing the work to be happy with your life.

Betty Lue