Sunday, March 02, 2014


My life has the all meaning I give.
My words have the value I live.
My thoughts have the worth I believe.
I am what I believe myself to be.

I am All that I See.
I am what I know.
I am the words I say.
I am the choice to let go.

I am the way I live.
I am the wisdom I share.
I am the gifts I give.
I am the way I care.

I am the beliefs I believe.
I am the words I write.
I am the gratitude I live.
I am my childlike delight.

Why not own that I am all we are?
I can find peace in the release of what is.
I can share the freedom I find in allowing it all.
I can trust in the Goodness within.

Some call it “Consciousness”.
Some see it as “Great Mystery”.
Some claim the “Divine Within.”
Some say the “Chosen One.”

Does it really matter how we name the One within?
Will it make a difference how we see ourselves?
Will we wear ourselves differently whether Jew or Christian, Hindu or Atheist?
Will we live and love and give differently because of how we claim ourselves to be?

I know I am what I have chosen and will choose.
I know I am the Good I see in me and around me.
I know I enjoy the life I have and live it well.
I know I am free to choose and choose again and again.

I know you are free.
I trust you to be.
I allow what is chosen for us.
I know we are free to choose again.

I love to contribute.
I love to create.
I love to appreciate.
I love to relate with creativity, contribution and appreciation.

And so it is I AM.
Betty Lue

Have you asked yourself lately:
Who am I?
Why am I here?

How do I live and love and give