Monday, March 03, 2014

Happiness Is More Than A Feeling!

I forgive everyone and everything for all time including myself.
I easily clear my mind of all blocks to love and choose to be happy.
Letting go of the past is fun, safe and easy.
I no longer need to hurt myself of others with negative thoughts and feelings.
I choose to be trusting and at peace.

Being happy is feeling safe.
Being happy is knowing you have what you need.
Being happy is recognizing someone cares about you.
Being happy is feeling welcome.

When we give happiness to others, we receive it for ourselves.
Building a home where everyone feels safe and welcomed, cared about and provided for is true happiness.
Building a community where all are feel safe and secure, belonging and valued, is Happiness.
We can create a world where every nation, religion, family and all people, children and elders feel peace.

Peace, contentment, love, trust, joy, kindness, valued, gratitude are all qualities of happiness.
What can you do to be truly happy?
What can you give to create happiness in your relationships?
What can you create to extend happiness to those you encounter?

Happiness is our natural state.
Happiness is releasing the experience of fear, anger, guilt and resentment.
Happiness is letting go of what interferes with our natural state .
Happiness is trusting ourselves and freeing ourselves to fully be.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
When we erase our doubt and fear, we have forgiven.
When we clear all guilt and resentment, we are at peace.
When we undo the past stories and collective history, we are free to choose again.

Sometime happiness asks us to take action.
Sometimes happiness is the motivation to be good to others.
Sometimes happiness comes from simply being grateful.
Sometime happiness is the natural joy from being alive.

And so it is, we can choose happiness for no reason.
Simply because we prefer to be happy, as I do.
Happiness is being fully alive and in service of the Good.
Being happy is the path I walk and the way I live.

Happiness is  loving you and sharing with you my Loving Reminders,

Betty Lue