Friday, February 28, 2014

How Do You Love You?

I love myself with the very best.
The more I love, appreciate and treat myself, the better others treat me and themselves.
I forgive myself for neglecting or forgetting myself.
I treat myself with forgiveness, gratitude and great respect.
Are you present for yourself?
Do you respect your own needs?
To you take impeccable care of you?
Are you aware of your body, mind and Spirit?

When you think of loving yourself, do you think of gifts?
Do you think of pleasuring your body with food or clothes?
Do you imagine inspiring yourself with meditation or music?
Do you consider loving yourself with the very best ideas and people/

When you think of loving yourself, do you keep your home beautiful and orderly?
Do you honor your rest and sleep time with a clean and serene bedroom?
Do you prepare your own ideal foods within a clean and healthy kitchen?
Do you read  the best books and and watch only inspiring and entertaining movies and programs?

When you think of loving yourself, do you treat yourself with respect and dignity?
Do you listen to your own ideas and pay attention to what you value?
Do you remember to appreciate your accomplishments and your gifts and talents.
Do you comfort, protect and provide well for your whole self?

When you think of loving yourself, do you forgive your past history and mistakes.
Do you remember what is good and beautiful and healthy for you?
Do you learn from everyone and everything with ease and gratitude?
Do you take time to listen within to what you want and need?

When you think of loving yourself, do you hold thoughts that are positive?
Do you clear your fears and drop the criticisms and complaints?
Do you find ways to give yourself the safety, security and belonging you need?
Do you free yourself from any troubles or guilt, regrets or resentments?

When you think of loving yourself, do you play and make yourself happy?
Do you work with enjoyment and feel pleased with your accomplishments/
Do your relax and rest well in the security of knowing “All is Well?”
Do you create beauty and goodness in your life and in the world?

When you love you, do you give yourself the praise and appreciation you deserve?
Do you allow yourself to learn from mistakes and laugh at foolishness?
Do you free yourself from limitations, inhibitions and harmful addictions?
Do you trust yourself to think well, speak well and do well in all situations?

Loving yourself is your willingness to give yourself the best.
Loving yourself is taking the time to listen to your own needs.
Loving yourself is putting yourself first to teach others to do the same.
Loving yourself is realizing that you are your own Source of comfort and reminder of Love.

Give yourself the Best today.
Loving you all the way home,

Betty Lue