Thursday, February 27, 2014

Who Are You?

I Am That I AM.
I am the One who explores asking “Why?”
I am the One who thinks and talks and walks.
I am the One making up my story and living what I choose.

Are you the clothes you wear?
Are you the love you share?
Are you the songs you sing?
Are you not everything?

Are you the times you’ve lived?
Are you the gifts you give?
Are you the work you do?
Are you what you choose?

Are you the beliefs you hold?
Are you the tales you/ve told?
Are you the way you look?
Are you the pictures you took?

Are you not everything?
A kaleidoscope of color and sound.
Are you not a composite of all you think?
A panorama of feelings and thoughts, words and ways you live.

If you are to uncover who you are, go deeper.
If you want to find yourself, listen within.
If you are here to discover the Real You, look around You.
If you really want to know You, be open and willing.

It takes time to find the Infinite, the Eternal.
It takes persistence to reach beneath the layers of defenses.
It takes lifetimes to really see into the Great Mystery.
And even then, there is more.

There is no limit.
There is no right way.
There is no definition.
There is only the journey home.

What are you doing the rest of your life?
Some explore what is within.
Some enjoy only what is without.
Some simply be, trusting in their reality.

There are no right songs to sing.
There are no perfect clothes to wear or bodies to have.
There is no perfect way to behave or speak or think.
There is only the freedom you have to choose as you do.

So Who Is The Real You?

Betty Lue, I AM