Monday, November 01, 2004

Special Times Require Special Attention

Celtic New Year,
All Saint’s Day,
Election Time
Autumn Letting Go and Appreciation,
Change of weather environmentally, mentally and politically
Getting ready to enjoy or avoid the holidays and Holy Days.
However you see these times, make the most of them.
Heal and erase what you don’t want.
Envision and believe in what you do want.
Give your best to create each day as you choose.

You see when all is said and done…

This is your life.
You are the chooser.
You can have what you want.
You can forgive yourself for unconsciousness in the past.

You can support yourself creating today to be your choice.

Your vote not only counts…
It is the only thing you can choose.
Vote for life, choice, freedom with responsibility.
Vote for what you value and what matters to you.
Vote for opportunities to live and give as your choose.
Vote for healing the past and forgiving mistakes.
Vote for reaching out with love and serving without fear.
Vote for being the best you can be without limit or withhold.
Vote for appreciating each day and each person who comes your way.
Vote for taking time to live and learn and love as we let go of ineffective ways.
Vote for honesty and trust, for respect, responsibility and cooperation are a must.
Vote for your life.
Live your values.
Give your best.
And appreciate it All.

Loving you,
Betty Lue