Wednesday, April 07, 2004

What Matters

When we complain and criticize ourselves , we are dis-respecting ourselves.
When we feel sorry for ourselves, we are diminishing our strength of character.
When we make excuses for our actions, we are dis-honoring our power to choose.
When we are questioning and doubting our choices, we are weakening our Self Trust.

Recently I wrote to someone who in a moment of pain and fear was seeing themselves as “Worthless”………
“The ego will tempt you to forget you and forsake you. Quit on you.
That is the ego’s lie. I recommend you stop believing the lie and wake up! “

Within each one of us is a voice and a Truth which totally loves, supports and believes in us.
We know deep within that life is a learning laboratory.
While there are “mistakes” we make along the way, life is to be enjoyed, honored and learned from.
It is only through fully living that we can find the path to Eternal life.
It is only through giving that we can find the way to lasting Joy.
It is only through our human experience that we can come to know the limitless Power and Presence, Love and Direction of God.

I responded to questions about not fulfilling one’s hopes and dreams, goals and ideals with the following:

“It does not matter what you do, as long as you do it with love.
It does not matter what education you have, as long as you live with joy.
It does not matter what money you make, as long as you have inner peace.
You see this world does not matter.
The Truth you choose to live does!”

Remember messages are always first for the one sharing them.
If they have value to you, use them with my blessings.

I am loving you always,
Betty Lue