Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Family Gatherings

Family gatherings this past weekend brought up questions about my non-traditional role with my children and family…so I asked within for guidance. I encourage you to ask yourself about your own role, rather than unconsciously accept what is usual or traditional.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Holy Spirit.
What about my relationship with my family?

You have always been called to the ministry in the True sense.
You are not here to fulfill or complete family agreements.
Your temporary relationship with your children was just that… temporary.
There was never a time, except in your own mind when you tried to be mother, that you were to fulfill the traditional parenting role. Just as your own mother is here for a different purpose with you, you were here to have enough of ordinary life only to know what it was about.

You have always been here to love unconditionally , serve with joy and remember God.
Life, as you know it, is pure illusion and dream.
When you hang out too much with those souls who believe it real, you lose the awareness of its temporary and experimental nature.

Yes, the ordinary or human life you have experienced has been to ready your self to teach, to heal, to offer guidance and counsel to those who are “wounded” and those who need “healing”. Remember, there is no harm in God. When all is forgiven, there is no harm.
There are those who would perpetuate the myth in neediness, in woundedness, and in the need for forgiveness. Yes, indeed, forgiveness is used to heal what is not real.
Forgiveness is used as a salve over the wound of rejections, abandonment, loss and limitation.

And yet all of this is merely a temporary state, built as the reality of the recipient and conspirator agree. In order to experience “woundedness”, there must be the agreement of the recipient and donor of the claim to harm. Or there can be two others, ie. therapist and recipient, who agree there has been resultant harm.

For yourself, you are aware of having similar experiences, where there has been no harm because there was no agreement. In this case, let us reassure you, there has been no harm. Yes, there are many who perceive it differently, for such is the state of the worldly consciousness. Guilt and blame still have persuasive power. Each must come to their own healing awareness in their own time. Let it all be.

Let go and clear your mind of false perceptions.
There has been no harm. Never have you harmed or been harmed.
Life is simply full of experiences on which each one places their own value and interpretation.
So it is. Blessed be.

To this I say Thank you, Spirit!
Betty Lue