Thursday, April 08, 2004

Change and Transformation

Life is filled with constant change.
Change is feared when we are afraid of the unknown.
Life itself is transformation.
Changes are celebrated as miracles when enjoyed.

When I do not judge my past, I easily welcome the future.
When I am in criticism of my past, I will fear, resist and dread the future.
When I am trying to avoid repeating past mistakes, I will focus on obstacles rather than opportunities.
When I am making changes to avoid or resist what has been, I am more likely to do it all again.
When I make changes moving toward my desired goals, I easily move around obstacles.
When I fear what is to come, I attract that which I fear or let fear be my leader/teacher.
When I embrace what is to come, I attract fun, safe and easy experiences.

To grieve and regret is to be incomplete with what has been.
To complete the past is to clear all secrets and withholds, to forgive and release all judgments.
To live in the present is to be at peace with the past and unafraid of the future.

Each of us is choosing our life experience.
We can embrace what is and experience the spiritual gifts and blessing.
Or, we can resist (judge) what is and experience the pain and suffering.

To “make the most of any situation” we must first accept what is.
Our acceptance will expand our consciousness to be able to use everything for our Good.

I am loving you in full acceptance of what is.
Betty Lue