Saturday, April 24, 2004

Our Fountain of Eternal Love

Within each one of us is an ever-flowing fountain of energy.
It bubbles forth within us to the degree to which we are free to be.
This fountain offers wisdom, grace, joy goodness and beauty as we have need.
It is a wellspring of life itself.
Spirit is its Essence. Spirit is the life force. Spirit is infinite and limitless.

Many learn to limit the flow.
Many give it all away.
Many pretend it doesn’t exist.
Many divert its energy.

Deep within is an Abundant Source of Everything Good and Whole.
Deep within is a glorious fountain of Love that is endless.
Deep within is a quiet stillness offers Peace to every mind.
Deep within is a brilliant Light of Joy that will dissolve all fear.

We either give it all way by letting others depend on our flow with umbilical cords to suck what and when they wish. Or we have so many holes in our own bucket that we cannot sustain enough energy for our own life resources. Often life is about patching the holes of doubt and fear, filling the needs for confidence and unconditional love, and remembering the truth of our limitlessness.
And also we may need to stop forsaking ourselves to care for others by removing the umbilical cords and chains of guilt and codependence that bind us.

When we are bound by duty for others’ care, we are not free.
When we are dependent on others, we are not free.
When we are limiting ourselves with scary stories and violent visions, we are not free.
When we are forsaking our joyous calling, we are not free.
When we are not enjoying life, we are not free.
When we are forgetting to listen within, we are not free.
When we think this world is real, we are not free.
When we are depending on the world we see to make life OK for us, we are not free.
When we give ourselves no choice, we are not free.
When we deny ourselves love and happiness, we are not free.
When we live in inner conflict, we are not free.

Allow the inner fountain of eternal Love to wash away the myths of human error.
Allow the inner flame of compassion and Joy to shine away the dark shadows of guilt and shame.
Allow the Sun to shine in You this day. Allow the Love to sing through you today.
Life is for giving.
You are the Gift.
Love is born again in You.
Give your Whole and Precious Self to You.
Welcome Home. Be gentle. Be respectful. Be grateful. And Enjoy loving You!

Betty Lue

Yes, This is written just for You!