Sunday, April 25, 2004

Living and Giving My Best

I am beginning again. I am choosing again for the best I know.

In a world of let’s get by , lets be lazy, let’s not try, let’s do it on the fly, why not just let things slip a little? I know and you know and the world knows, because everything is influenced by subtle changes and choices in you and me. You see, we really are here to set us all free. So as you see, I am taking responsibility again for the world I see. If it were up to me, we all would live naturally, with love leading the way. And that all begins with ME. The words we say would all be forgiving and living the Highest Truth, Good for All and then we would have a ball, play and save the day with shouting hooray!”
And this I can do, for it begins with me and with YOU!”

Just letting myself flow with what comes, it often comes our in semi-rhyme or rhythm. The meaning is clear, so it truly does not matter the form. Just as in life, when my meaning, my intention is clear, everyone gets it even if the words are miss-spelled or miss-spoken. I must live my Truth. I must be the best I can be, to live and give my whole Self faithfully, so all can see…it can be done by just one. No need to have someone to lead. You can do it! I can begin with you and we will grow from there.

Today I am creating a living breathing schedule which includes ample time for renewal and clarity. Today I am recreating a nutritional plan which allows the pounds of stress to melt away everyday.
Today I am walking to the top of the hill, to fill myself up with God and Good and Beauty and Love.
Today I am willing my mind and body to stay in tiptop shape to do the work I came here to do.
Today I am giving my life to God, to the Highest Good for All, for the sake of creating One Family.
Today I am choosing to walk my talk and live my dream and create strategies that work for everyone.
Today I am honoring the flow of life as we grow in life to the best we can be naturally.
Today I am choosing to believe in you, to know it can be true, the dream of everyone happy and free.
Today I am extending the best I know wherever I go, to watch how we grow in faith, wisdom and love.

I am loving you and me, effortlessly.

When I am on purpose in all ways, life is fun, safe and easy!!!!

Betty Lue