Friday, April 23, 2004

Vision Into Action Team

Some of you have asked how you can participate in the vision I shared in the April 18, 2004 Loving Reminder on creating Community Centers, where young and old can experience extended family, fellowship, encouragement and support. These are places of trust with respect, freedom with responsibility and caring with cooperation.

Everyone needs a safe place in which to care and share.
Everyone needs to be valued and needed.
Everyone needs an opportunity to love and be loved.
Whether for homework, games, conversation, learning or sharing a meal, all of us want to belong.
Coming home is finding our intrinsic value within and sharing with someone who recognizes our worth.
These community centers will be places of hope, faith and love, hope for finding better ways, faith in our future and love for one another.

See April 18, 2004 Loving Reminder for more.

Let me know if you want to join our Vision Into Action Team. I will place you on my group Vision Into Action Email list and we will correspond to keep everyone working together in Spirit and practical action.

What is needed?
Who will participate in creating?
Who will we serve?.
Who will volunteer to facilitate and coordinate?
Where can we house these centers at no or low cost?
What is a true community center?
Where do we begin?

What You Can Do To Help This Happy and Helpful Dream Come True:
“Become a Player on My Vision Into Action Team”

1) Research and fact find. Naturally observe what is needed in your community.
2) Offer your imagination and vision, your affirmation and prayer support.
3) Consult when we have ideas, by giving your feedback and opinions.
4) Join on line or in person to brainstorm pros and cons, possibilities, and creative solutions.
5) Develop step by step plans, detailing what is needed, giving suggestions and assignments.
6) Ask meaningful questions when needed to have us stop, look and listen within.
7) Receive Divine Guidance and Inspiration, especially about the part you are to play.

Email me to be placed on my “players” list and we will begin!!!!

Together there is nothing we cannot do.

Loving you,
Betty Lue