Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Not Getting What You Want?

We may not get what we want, but life gives us all we need to heal, awaken and remember.
Our ego may want toys and treasures, tricks and tools, distractions and excuses.
But our Soul Self wants healing, growth, service, creativity and awakening.

The trick in life is to use what we get for Goodness Sake.
When we have committed our lives, our energy and resources to Spiritual or inspirational use, we easily transform what seems negative into Goodness.
The miracle of our willingness to give it all to God are the loving gifts, blessings and miracles that emerge from what may have appeared lost, dark and bereft of hope.

We are never stuck with what we experience.
With forgiveness or non-judgment, we see and receive the intrinsic blessing of what is valuable for us.
With our judgment, hatred, resistance and fear, we are stuck with the memory and aftertaste of what is devalued and disliked. Remember, what you resist, you put energy into and often experience again.
All life experiences are gift for us to embrace, utilize and transform to heal, grow, and remember our Essential nature, to realize the free, creative and unlimited Being We Are.
We are here to free ourselves from dependency, neediness, suffering, laziness, self-denial and the other deadly distractions.

Most folks judge what life brings. They like some experiences and hate others.
The act of judgment fixates our attention and experience on what we have judged.
The moment we forgive and release our judgments, the life experience is open for transformation.
By giving our lives to Spirit, seeking the intrinsic inspiration within everything, we expand our consciousness to reveal the underlying meaning or purpose in all things.
In other words, everything works together for Good when we seek the Good within all things.
Everything works more exquisitely than we can plan, when we trust there is something more powerful and true beneath our planning.

When we Believe “All is well”, we are willing and able to believe and perceive the wellness within all things. And so it is that we co-create our experience when we recognize the God and Good within all things.

Telling you True,
Betty Lue

This is not a popular message for those who want an external savior.
This a powerful message for those who want to know the way it really is.