Monday, April 12, 2004

Family Everywhere

We are all family.
Every man’s work is my work.
Every woman’s child is my child.
Everyone’s grief is my sorrow.
Everyone’s joy is mine.

This life is about undoing the blocks that seem to hold us separate in physical bodies.
We often identify ourselves as with separate identities, celebrating our differences.
Humans often see themselves as their thoughts or emotions.
They often believe they are their roles or achievements.
They often claim their worth as their toys and tools, their education and their investments.
We are not our bodies. Bodies are our temporary physical device for communication.
We are not our emotions. Emotions are energy expressing itself through our beliefs and perceptions.
We are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are the manifestation of our history, learning and beliefs.
We are Essence.
We are Spirit.
We are the unnamable Presence of the Infinite expressing ItSelf.
It is our Essence to whom we owe allegiance.
It is the Spirit within that directs our Life impeccably.
Everything always works more exquisitely than we can plan, when we listen and honor the Spirit within.

In this past week I have shared intimately my family experiences, both inner and outer.
It appears that I am identified as mother, daughter, grandmother, therapist and provider.
However, when I look deeply at myself and my life, I have always identified with my Essence, my real inner Teacher and Creator. When I am at peace, I see you as my spiritual brothers and sisters, and Yes, even as mySelf. When I work within a group, I know that each person there represents some aspect of my Being. In recognizing our Oneness, our Union, our Essence, I come to know and realize and Love God. For God is All this and more. It takes all of us in Love to realize the One We Are, the Unlimited, the Omnipresent, the Omniscient One live.

And if indeed, there is no one outside God’s Love and mine, then I am as committed to one as to another.
I trust that each one who comes my way is sent by Spirit to be listened to and loved,
to be embraced and reminded, to be joined in the co-creation of the Highest Good.
And as we are in love together forever, we are all wed in Christ (enlightened) Consciousness.

I am loving you and All as One,
Betty Lue