Monday, April 26, 2004

Depend On What Is Dependable

This makes sense to our logic.
What can we trust?
What do we count on?
What is consistent?
What is eternal?

To be dependent on a person is to depend on the changes that occur:
changes in health, in moods, in finances, in being present.
To trust our jobs, our health, our finances, our thoughts to stay the same is foolish.
Even in loving and lasting relationships we must be willing to honor the possibility of change.

When I depend only on the Eternal Love of God, the Divine, Spirit, The Great Mystery, I am at peace.
When I count on what lives and breathes and has its being in the Love I Am, I am at safe and secure.
To convince ourselves that life will stay the same is to set ourselves up for disappointment and fear.
And I do offer you and those around me my commitment to love no matter what. This commitment I can give as a messenger of Spirit. In my commitment to the God in me, I am at peace in knowing that I am given that which I give. And yet, I also am aware that in their humanness, most have forgotten and forsaken this Holy Truth. Most human beings are busy using their relationships to get something they believe they have lost, the Love they seek to reclaim.

In the monthly relationship enhancement workshop on Sunday afternoon, I became aware of how often women seek to get what they want through resentment and complaints. I became aware of how often men feel guilty and depressed or guilty and angry about not being able to make their woman happy. Simple formula which fits almost all couples except the most aware. We are replaying our childhood myth, learned with our mothers that men are responsible for a woman’s happiness and that a boy’s job is to make Mom happy.

What if our job is to BE Happy?
What if our wok is to love without conditions, rules, judgments and attachment?
What if our job is to choose for happiness?
What is we really are here to freely give love, trust and freedom from a place of inner contentment?

Depend only on the call to be happy and give Love.

Dependable B’Lue