Monday, April 05, 2004

My Daughter's Wedding

The wedding was perfection. I cannot imagine a wedding ceremony more respectful, sincere, intimate and beautiful.
Both bride and groom created the weekend with impeccable choreography, d├ęcor, environment and music.
The people factor was spectacular with dear friends and family all loving and valuing their relationship.
Perhaps the most memorable piece was the genuine humor of their relationship that brings total joy to so many.
I was thrilled to be there, to witness what is to be one of the best lifetime love stories I will ever know.

For me personally, I was called into past memories, which I rarely visit.
I had an opportunity to look again at who I am as human being, mother, friend and life partner.
I have written some pieces inspired by their wedding and the re-stimulation of what was.

I will share with you some of my process in the next few days, with the hope of inspiring your healing, completing, appreciating and fully enjoying what has been.

The following is a letter written to my daughter on her wedding day.

On This Your Wedding Day,

Dearest Daughter,

My Spirit greets you.
My heart rejoices.

While I love you more dearly than you know, I seek not your allegiance to me or my role.
You were not mine to mold or hold.
You are born a free Spirit.
You belong to the Universe.

While you were conceived in my womb, you will always live in my heart.
While I brought you forth into this world, I set you free to be uniquely you.
While I raised you with respect and kindness for all, your innate values serve you well.
While we both made mistakes, we have easily forgiven and remembered only love.
While we travel on our own paths, we share common ideals for happiness and peace.

Your true parent is the Infinite Love of the Creator, the Great Mystery of the Universe, the Spirit that lives within You. In all this and more, you have grown into the Beauty and Goodness and Love You Are.

You were with me for a brief moment in eternity to share laughter and tears, both our joys and our fears. We came together to experience one another as teachers and learners, as mother and child, as fellow travelers for a while. And now with respect for who you are and how well you love, I am filled with tears of joy that I have had the privilege of knowing You and loving You.

With great Appreciation, I bless your Sacred Union with your life partner and best friend. May you be a blessing to one another, as you join with common dreams and ideals, share openly and freely, teach and learn together, give and receive equally, commit to what is best for both with each one taking full responsibility for your relationship. Together in Love, you cannot fail.

I am honored to witness your wedding celebration as the beginning of your ever-renewing life.

I love you. Mom