Sunday, April 11, 2004

When Life Changes, Love Remains

Easter is a Celebration of Love that Never Ends….
Love that Never Fails…..
Love that serves all and remembers God and Goodness always.
Love forgives all things.
Love is Patient and Kind.
This is the Resurrection of Really Living.

In last week’s Loving Reminder, I wrote:
Partner relationships are those with whom we join as equals, friends and companions, teachers and learners for one another. With mutual respect, always giving our best to one another, both partners blossom and grow.

Through life’s challenges true partners strengthen their commitment to grow together in faith and courage. Both are blessed and a blessing one to another.
In this, they always remember Love and live in the wholeness of their Holy relationship.

I am blessed with a life partner with whom life’s challenges have given us the strength and courage, the faith and willingness, the inspiration and dedication to continue to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and always remember God.

My Life Partner responded:

Dearest Betty Lue,
Life has often been likened to a dance.

Just as you recognize me as a willing partner, with whom you can love, serve and remember, recognize that it takes a great partner to lead without appearing to lead, to whisper encouragement, to continually forgive and adjust and compensate, so that both the partner and the partnership continue to look elegant, graceful and inspiring.

I am extremely blessed to have you as my life partner. While I am dancing slow right now and fumble on many of the steps, I am still your willing and loving partner.

Thanks for recognizing me.
Loving you always,

May you be likewise blessed, for thus we are loved by God….endlessly and unconditionally.
Betty Lue

Dearest Partners in my life,

There are many partners in life for each of us, if only we would receive the love they give. They come in many forms and disguises. They come in human form, as spiritual teachers, healers and friends. They come as our children, parents and sometimes those who disturb and challenge our willingness to love.

They come unseen, but known through their loving touch and gentle words. They come with spiritual belief, prayerful response and known through the miracles they bring. Do not forget that each one of us have many mighty companions who guide our way and love us endlessly without condition or judgment.

We realize we are loved perfectly when we relinquish our own self doubts, fears and judgments.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue