Saturday, March 11, 2017

Holistic Healing

I am healed and whole.
I release and I let go.
I let Spirit run my life.
I trust and free myself to learn from everything and every one.


I am typing this with an injured hand that is too swollen to function well.
It is time to love myself more! 
I could ask “Why?”, but what I want is to heal.
When I heal myself, I will learn what I need to know.

All healing is to learn more.
All healing is to love more,
All healing is to let go more.
All healing is to live more.

My mind can take me on a wild good chase.
Or…I can use my mind to heal.
I choose to heal by healing my mind.
I affirm, “I am healed and I am whole.”
“Thank Goodness this is so.”

My feelings both physical and emotional can lead me down a sorry path.
Or …I can take my whole self up the road to see what sets me free to learn more.
I choose to accept the challenge to laugh and let go.
I choose to love myself more and learn to live more in love
I choose to heal my mind, my body and remember my Spirit.

I thank my body for taking care of me in millions of ways every day.
I appreciate my breath for giving me new life and healing energy.
I am amazed at the natural healing powers that live within me.
I love how the will to clear fear and pain is what I can do.
I relax and trust in the healing power of Love that lives within me.

Learning is what we are here to do.

What can I do?
I can learn.
I can love to live,
I can let go of my fear.
I can let myself be free to see.
I can ask for help.
I can use what I have and who I am.
I can give my best.

What can I learn?
I can learn I am whole.
I can learn how to heal.
I can learn to free myself from seeming limitation.
I can learn I have a body, but I AM not my body.
I can learn to love myself no matter what.
I can learn to always love my whole self, mind, body and spirit.
I can learn to let go and freely love simply by being alive,

I Love My Whole Self in Every way today and Everyday.
Betty Lue