Friday, March 10, 2017

Lighten Up

With enough love and faith, everything is possible.
I choose to let go of all that weighs me down.
I easily let go with love.
 Lightening up is fun, safe and easy.

Lighten Up

Are you carrying around a heavy load?
Are your thoughts overwhelming?
Are you feelings discouraging?
Are you wearing a heavy body?

It is time to lighten up and enjoy your life.
It is time to let go of past hurt and fear.
It is time to stop feeding yourself bad news.
It is time to undo despair, darkness and discouragement.

What are you up for?
Are you ready to let go?
Can you forgive and let live?
The past is gone.

What was useful at one time, may not help now.
What was good for you, may be harmful now.
What was true then, may be false now.
What brought you joy, may bring pain now.

Reconsider and re-evaluate.
Take a new look and see if the old is outdated.
Take off the pounds of fear, hate and pain.
You can do it whenever you choose.

Lighten up the toxins.
Lighten up the resentments.
Lighten up the self-judgment.
Lighten up and choose Love again.

Consider the look on your face.
Consider the thoughts you are holding.
Consider the weight you are carrying.
Be considerate of your well-being.

Life is meant to be happy.
Life is meant to be free.
Life is meant to be how you want to be.
Why wait for what you really want to feel?

Encourage your faith, hope and love.
You can do this for your own sake.
Blessings of freedom and trust in you.
Betty Lue