Saturday, February 18, 2017


I flow with what is helpful and good for all.
I change my mind quickly and easily as it benefits.
I adapt easily to change.
I let go and allow peace and love to flow through me.

How Adaptable Are You?

Do you flow with life?
Are you able to change easily?
Do you allow things to happen?
Are you willing to change your mind?

When it rains, put on your raincoat.
When it floods, wear your boots.
When the weather changes, adapt.
When emotions are getting hot, take time to cool down.

Life is ever changing.
With each change, we can adapt or resist.
Whatever doesn’t fit our expectations, we can let go and  make new plans
With unexpected events, our resistance causes extra distress.

How adaptable are you?
Do you try to go against the grain?
Are you stubborn and demanding?
Do you try to make things happen?

The most content people are those who adapt.
The most stress free experiences are those who respond easily to what is.
The easiest way to live is to do what you can and let go of the rest.
Our resiliency allows us to be open and willing each day to whatever will be.

Yes, make lemons out of lemonade.
Yes, take the pits out of your cherries.
Yes, bring an umbrella when it might rain.
Yes, step away from the heat, when things get too hot.

Somewhere people have gotten caught in getting their own way.
Somehow we have learned our life is about fighting to be right.
Some times we need to flow away from danger and seek a higher ground.
When we learn to adapt to nature, we listen to what is the safe and easy way.

Learn to let go and let Goodness happen.
Allow yourself time to show you the way thru and around obstacles.
Adapt to the ever changing circumstance of people and events.
Be the one who seeks to be happy instead of demanding to be right.

Clear your attachments to your way and seek a better way.
Undo what has always been and see what is right now.
Let go of your neediness and seek freedom to change.
Be as a child, open and curious, to the highest and best way.

All change works together for Good.
Love flows with what is,
Betty Lue

Four Agreements.
1   Make No Assumptions.
2   Keep Your Agreements.
3   Take Nothing Personally.
4   Always Give Your Best.

By Don Miguel Ruiz