Friday, February 17, 2017

Remember Your Best!

I give my best to myself and others everyday.
I quickly and easily let go of what is not best for me.
I stop retelling hurtful stories about the past.
I share what is hopeful, inspiring and encouraging.

Remember What Is The Best In You!

Do you remember your best?
We all have a tendency to remember the challenges or mistakes.
This is our downfall if we forget our best.
Have You Allowed your best to slip away?

When we remember our best, we can look at how it was.
We can feel the feelings and re experience what was good or great.
We can reclaim the ideas and thoughts and circumstances.
It is never too late to review and renew.

Look at how far you have come.
Understand the road you took to get you here.
Consider redefining the purpose for your life.
Ask if you have forgiven yourself and learned.

How do you see things differently now?
Are there those with whom you need to apologize?
Is there someone for whom you have held grievances?
Wherever you are incomplete, you will be held back.

Consider freeing yourself to fully be all that you are.
If you know there is more to do and say and experience, go for it.
Take no prisoners and no baggage.
Relinquish the pain and struggle, the resentment and fear.

You have come too far to let the past hold you back.
It is your time to step up to your own life with courage.
You can begin today to see yourself differently.
It is your task to step away from past shackles that bind you.

Stand up for yourself.
No more cover ups about what you did or didn’t do.
No more complaining about what could have been.
You can choose again to be the best you have ever been and so much more.

What we learn as we travel to and fro, is to keep discovering what you enjoy.
Keep on learning from all the places you have been.
Keep on observing all possible choices and people whom you know.
Use the guideposts of health, happiness and fulfillment to show the way.

Don’t let your best slip by.
Remember your best and choose again.
It is never too late to have and give your best.
We all can step up and into our goodness and greatness and enjoyment of life.

Seek the best in you.
And Live it Now.
Loving you as you really are!
Betty Lue