Friday, November 14, 2014

Do You Know?

I learn from everyone to find the best way..
I live with honesty, trust, respect and appreciation.
I treat every as I want to be treated.
I seek only what works for everyone.

People usually adopt what their family did as what is normal.
People usually are unaware of what may be better ways.
People often assume that everyone is just like they are.
People even argue about what is the “right” way rather than finding a “better” way.

Consider the possibility that there are always choices.
Look at what you don’t like in how you live and relate.
Consider seeking better ways of living and relating.
Look for role models and examples of happy, healthy and harmony in living and relating.

You can have a harmonious home with no fighting or unkind words.
You can raise your children without yelling demanding and tears,
You can have a marriage or partnerships with equality and respect.
You can live a purposeful life with meaningful work.

You can manage your money so you feel you have plenty.
You can balance your day with work, rest and play.
You can handle differences with understanding and compassion.
You can be honest and open without being hurtful or unkind.

You can resolve conflicts with solutions where no one loses.
You can learn from everyone you encounter to see things differently.
You can show your love in ways that others can receive easily.
You can heal your past, so it no longer hurts or angers you.

You can be better everyday with everything you do and say.
You can give your all without losing anything.
You can take your time or speed things up with the thoughts you think.
You can handle upsets by getting back on purpose and living your values.

You can take better care of your mind, body and spirit.
You can use you time to do what is most valuable to you.
You can create friends and experiences that inspire you.
You can turn scars into stars and frowns into smiles.

Loving must be mutual or it is not LOVE.
Listening must be helpful or it is not really hearing.
Laughing must be shared or it feels like being laughed at.
Letting go must be with gratitude or it feels like getting rid of.

There is a better way in which we all can learn.
Show up in life and pay attention to it all.
Tell the high and respectful truth in language that can be received.
Then detach and let go of what the outcome may be.

Learning, laughing, loving and letting go with gratitude and trust, 
Betty Lue