Saturday, November 15, 2014

Why Share?

I share because I care.
I give to others as I give to myself.
I receive the joy of giving and receive more to give.
Life is for giving and I Am the Gift.

When you share what you have, you have more.
When you have given what you have, you have received twice.
When you have taught others what you have learned, you have reinforced the learning.
Whatever you freely give, you have forever.

The experience of sharing is taught to toddlers and preschoolers to open the experience of more.
What is given is received when you give with gratitude and joy.
The joy of the receiver and the joy of the giver doubles the pleasure for both.
To expand one’s joy and gratitude comes with freely giving all to all.

Consider the opportunity to share good news.
Consider the pleasure that comes from making someone happy.
Consider the peace that comes from providing comfort to eh grieving.
Consider the fullness that comes from feeding the hungry.

All of life’s true treasures are realized in giving what we have.
The joy of receiving and giving is the free exchange of love.
The gratitude we feel when we have shared with another is fulfilling.
Experiment and explore giving what is real and valuable to another.

The opportunities to give are often missed when we withhold.
When anyone feels limited or needy, they often hold back on giving.
The fear is that there will be less for them to have.
When one experiments, what is found that the openness attracts more to be received.

Without sharing, there is the fear of losing what is shared.
With withholding there is the feeling of selfishness and being withheld from.
With hoarding or clinging to “Mind, it’s mine” like a 2 yr old reminds us of being afraid to be taken from.
It may be time to open our hands and heart, our hearth and home, to sharing what we have.

To keep just for ourselves feels selfish and separate.
When we don’t know connection or oneness, we feel alone and at the effect of fate.
When we know the connection of sharing, we feel connected, interdependent and confident.
When we realize we will be cared for, just as we have been cared for, we are at peace.

To deny others what we have, we deny ourselves.
To say “No” to what is being asked, diminishes our willingness to ask.
To withhold our gifts, talents and resources, shuts down our life energy.
When we are freely giving, we are fully alive, empowered and abundant in the flow of Good.

While this is the same truth expressed over and over, there may be one way you hear what resonates.
If everyone could share their abundance, there would be no lack.
Put people to work, give people your gratitude, share with people you trust and respect.
To Have All, Give All to All.

Everyday I share the best I have with You.

I am loving you, 
Betty Lue