Monday, August 18, 2014

You Can Do Something!

I can do all things with the Love and Good in me.
I live and give only Love.
Goodness and Love work in me and through my words and actions.
I can because I believe I can.

“What can you do?", you may ask.
“What can you do?”,  you say.
Complain all you want, nothing changes until you change.
Do something good for yourself, for others, for your world today.

Get out of bed and clean up your room.
Get out of the house and clean up your yard.
Get out of your head and create something good.
Get out of you rut, and find something to do to benefit everyone, including You!

You can do research for solutions to problems.
You can say thanks silently or out loud.
You can give someone a hug or kind look.
You can say appreciate and make someone feel proud.

You can give money or time to a local non profit.
You can clean up the highway or city streets.
You can give s hot meal for the homeless on the corner.
You can remember to give the kindness you feel.

You can appreciate the beauty in nature.
You can plant a tree or a flower.
You can change the moment with a love song.
You can say a prayer of peace every hour.

You can laugh at the children having fun playing.
You can enjoy the man taking out his trash.
You can remember to talk to the lonely.
You can do more than you are asked.

You can write a thank you note or call a friend.
You can give a hand to someone needing help.
You can feel compassion for the one crying.
You can heal your past history with forgiveness.
So many calls for love to answered.
Answer just one everyday.
You will feel the response in physiology.
You will know how good it feels to you.

You are able to be responsible.
You can always respond with your love.
Love yourself to stay full.
Answer first to loving you.

Simply remember to do something good and love and true.
I am, you are, we can always do something Good,
Love only Love, 
Betty Lue

No matter you belief or situation.
No matter you race, color or creed.
No matter your finances or education.
We’ve each got something to DO!