Monday, August 11, 2014

Take Responsibility

I am responsible for everything I think, feel, say and do.
I am willing and able to respond to all things with forgiveness and love.
I easily and quickly learn from life’s experiences by being awake and aware.
I forgive myself and others for neglecting and forgetting to be able to respond.

Some have lots of ideas, but do not do them.
Some have lots of feelings, but do not think before they share.
Some have lots of thoughts and feelings but just like to talk about them.
Some do lots of things, but do not think or feel how their doing may impact others.

How many of us take responsibility for what we feel?
How many stop and think about what we say?
How many follow through on what we actually say we want to do?
How many are so busy they do not stop to feel or think?

We are responsible for everything we think.
We are responsible fore everything we feel.
We are responsible for everything we do.
We are responsible for everything we say.

Everything we think, do, feel and say creates.
When we are responsible for everything we have, give, do and share, we must attend to what we create.
When we are not responsible for our creations, we tend to blame or expect others to do or undo for us.
When we are expecting others to respond to what we say, do , think and feel, we often feel victimized.

To recognize our responsibilities may seem too much for us.
To realize our power for good or ill may feel frightening.
To understand how responsible we truly are for creating what we experience, requires willingness.
When we respond with love, we are at peace.

To respond with forgiveness and love requires being awake.
To respond to everyone with listening and awareness, requires being forgiving of our mistakes.
To respond to what comes our way invites us to listen, accept and allow all things to be.
To respond with awareness, freedom and trust requires that we are willing to be responsible.

When we continue to blame the past for our experience, we are playing the victim.
When we give ourselves permission to make others the cause of our fears and failure, we stuck.
When we allow our feelings to be created by another, we confuse ourselves of cause and effect.
When we claim that we cannot change our mind, we have denied our own power and peace.

Life is difficult and dangerous when we make others responsible.
Life is challenging and  fearful when we believe we have to take what we get.
Life is threatening and demanding when we play small, needy, limited and lacking.
Life is fun, safe and easy when we listen within and respond to all things with Love.

This is the way the world appears today.
Those of us who are willing just need to take impeccable care of ourselves, do our best, keep our agreements and make no assumptions, as we forgive what is not real and return to Love no matter what.
Thank you!

Love always, 
Betty Lue