Wednesday, August 27, 2014

If You Know Better, You Will Do Better.

I create the life I have.
I easily release what I do not want.
My life works better when I learn what I really want.
I trust myself to do the work, gain the wisdom and have the courage to step forth with consciousness.

What do you want your world to be?
What do you want your work to be?
What do you want your relationships to be?
What do you want your life to be?

If you know better, you need to do better.
If you don’t know better, you need to learn.
If you need to learn, you need someone to teach.
If you need a teacher, seek the person who knows better and does better.

People find writers, teachers and preachers who know better, but do not live what they know.
When you seek to learn, look for the person who actually lives a good life.
When you find someone you admire, spend time with them to learn.
When you find how they think and behave, appreciate what you see.

What you perceive in others, you strengthen in yourself.
The more you look at the faults, the more you strengthen the faults in yourself.
The more you explore the good, the more you strengthen the good in you.
With quick and easy forgiveness of mistakes in others, you will strengthen your forgiveness of yourself.

When you are judging of others, you will fear and feel judgment of you.
When you are grateful for others, you will experience appreciating for yourself.
When you feel guilty about judging, your will tend to stay away or blame those you judge.
When you feel grateful for others, you will tend to come close and admire those you appreciate.

Judging anyone creates separation and distance.
Judging yourself  creates guilt, fear and sorrow.
Judging create the fear of being judged and attacked.
Judging creates feelings of unsafety, distrust and lonliness.

Life is simple when you are willing to learn.
Forgive your judgments and you will feel safe.
Forgive your mistakes and you will learn.
Forgive your self for not know a better way, and you will seek and find a better way.

Everyday is a day to learn how to find the life you seek.
What is the life you seek?
Create a picture of what you want.
Begin to erase the pictures of what you fear.

You cannot find what you seek by continuing to look backwards at your past.
Look ahead and begin to build what you want to be and do and have today.
Act like what you imagine.  Do what you believe you need to do.
Begin to acquire the Wisdom, Courage and Will it takes to achieve the life you seek.

Encouraging us all to do the Work with Wisdom, Love and Respect!

Betty Lue