Saturday, August 09, 2014

How Do You Live Your Life?

I know what I want and I go for it.
I live true to my Self and my Spiritual Call.
I find What is Real and True inside me.
Goodness and Love are the way for me and they set me free to fully Be!

Life Direction   (If you want to know how my life is guided, See below).

What is your North Star?
How do you navigate the unsettled and uncertain waters of the world?
Are you clear about where you are going?
Do you know your intention or purpose for which  you want to go?

Some spend a lifetime surviving.
Some live their life to make money and make it grow.
Some give their life to their family.
Some keep searching for what they want to know.

Some live the way they see around them.
Some do the opposite of what their parents did.
Some find satisfaction in staying out of trouble.
Some seek only to serve and give.

Some strive for pleasure and enjoyment.
Some climb to ever-greater heights.
Some live for lots of interaction.
Some stay  content and make peace to have no fights.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, however you live and with whom, you choose the way.
When you know not where you go or how you want to be, you allow others to be your company.
When you have a north star, you know where you are.
When you know where you are, you can go anywhere you want and always home.

This is your life to have and live.
This is your time to give what you want.
This is your place to make peace or make war.
You are the one who answers your call.

If you are a victim and let others choose, you will never be certain you will win or might lose.
If you are complacent and let time go by, you might linger when you could rise up and fly.
If you are a traveller lost on the road, you can sit there and wait or get up on move on.
If you are a dreamer hoping for a ride, you might miss finding your guide right inside.

Take some time to feel what you are feeling, happy or sad.
Listen to what you are thinking, clear or confused, despondent or mad.
Look at what you are doing, on purpose or unfocused.
Balance your thoughts, feelings and doing to see what is true.

Your work is to find You and to yourself always be true.
Loving and trusting you on your way home,
Betty Lue

What Is my Spirit Guided Life?
I gave my life to serve only Good in 1977.
I gave money, home, profession, family, my Whole Self to serve God.
It never felt religious or scary or special or like I was giving up anything.
I only felt true in my heart to serve the Highest Creative Power I knew.

There was no church, no preacher or teacher to guide me.
There were no guidelines or rules, no right and best way to go.
I only knew from deep within me that I was guided to do what was true.
And so I listened everyday to live in the most helpful, good and Godly way.

Why would I choose this path of forsaking worldly ways?
Why would I want to live an unusual life no one really understands?
Why would I step away from what others expect from me?
Why would I simply live and love, learn and teach, from my own integrity?

I let go of ownership and personal possession.
I released a need to be rich and famous.
I stopped striving to meet world goals.
I trusted in Good, as I let go.

With outer freedom and no allegiance to people or institutions, I was free to listen within.
By relinquishing guilt and fear, I was able to stand free and clear to see what really was before me.’
I allowed myself to listen in quiet and write each day what I heard, felt and knew deep within.
I followed what I heard and let each day take me where to go, who to see and what to say>

Life seemed fun, safe and easy, when I let my inner voice guide me.
Some later called it Holy Spirit, Higheer Self, the voice within, inner wisdom, teacher or guide.
It didn’t matter to me, because I knew it was true.
This place in me loved me perfectly with honesty, wisdom and higher truth.

When I listened each day for wisdom, guidance, direction and answers, I learned to respect and trust.
I knew if I always honor what I know is true, my life works for me far better than I knew.
It seemed there was a difference between what I thought might be right and what really was good.
So I listen and followed, questioned and learned, until I truly understood.

This place within is my teacher, my guide and my friend.
This loving guidance is my companion and true guide with no end.
I learned, I lived, I taught and I gave.
I have lived this way with generosity and trust for the last 38 yrs.

My values remain tried and true from then until now.
I intend to give my life for the Goodness of all.
I live with trust, honesty, patience, tolerance, gentleness, open-mindedness, joy, faithfulness, defenselessness and generosity.
When I live these values and my heart and mind stay true, I serve with happiness and fulfillment.
And my life works.

This is my story.
You have your own.
Honor what is True for you and your life will work for you, too!

Loving You, 
Betty Lue