Friday, June 13, 2014

We Make Up the Meaning!

Everything I do, I do for Love.
Even when I act cranky and tired, I am doing my best.
Even when I don’t understand, you are doing your best.
What I make up about you is none of my business.
What others make up about me is none of my business.

(See below what has heart and meaning for me!)

We give everything we see and hear the meaning it has for us.
When we read something, we make up what it means.
When we hear something, we make up its meaning.
When we see something, we make up our own interpretation.

We give everything we see all the meaning it has for us.
Friday the 13th is lucky for some and unlucky for others.
At least that is what they make up to be for them.
We interpret situations to be bad or challenging, growthful or gift, depending on our choice.

What if every interpretation is made up.
What if we all are filtering all our perceptions through our own judgment and experiences.
What if we really do not see the facts or the truth other than what we make up.
What if even the statistics and research is observed and counted with our perceived filters on.

When we set aside judgments, opinions, perceived facts and observations, we really do not know.
When we judge something to be, we generally seek evidence to prove ourselves right or correct.
When we do not want to be wrong, we attract evidence to prove our position is correct.
When we stop judging ourselves and others, we begin to see the reality of choice.

When I choose to see your impression and my impression, I begin to see we it all see differently.
When I am willing to let go of being right and let go of being wrong, I see things differently.
When I open my mind to forgive my stuckness, I realize how silly I am in getting stuck in my way.
When I allow and free us all to see and be, believe and conceive as we do, I stop judging.

Life seems to set the stage for creating together with Love or creating separately with judgments.
When we want to be right about our way, we set the stage to prove we are RIGHT!
When we want to be made wrong, we set the stage for having others judge us.
When we want to be open to finding the best way, we attract compatriots who are willing.

When I forgive and erase my limiting beliefs and judging mind, I see the world with new eyes.
When I let go and allow all things to be as they are, I begin to trust it all works together.
When I release my own thinking, I discover that my field of vision is Limited.
Having an open mind and trust in others’ choices I realize there is a field of infinite possibility.

As we expand our thinking and open our hearts, we recognize the call for love and gift of Love.
When we are open and aware, we extend love and peace to all in need of loving reminders.
When we are willing and trust, we receive and give only Love, no matter what.
Loving us all, 
Betty Lue

What Has Heart and Meaning for me!

Personal Mission for Betty Lue:
To inspire, encourage and facilitate freeing. trusting and living your highest potential.
I Am the Space of Freedom and Trust where Love is Remembered and Wholeness Restored.”

Vision for Reunion: (now DBA Reunion Ministries)
Reunion is a forum for global holistic spirituality. (Universal freedom to be whole)
Reunion inspires reconnecting with our Authentic Self, with all humanity and with Source.
Reunion is both local spaces and the non local experience of living in ReUnion with All That Is.

Underlying Intention:
To create the opportunity for everyone to actively and consciously choose to live in love.
To live in a world of conscious beings who are willing and able to be fully responsible.
To offer relationships, one at a time, for full self realization through freedom and trust.

Guiding Principles or Values:
I live on call for God or Good for Goodness Sake.
Give all to all to have all to share all.
Consistently be all I am to share the truths I know and live.
Manifest heaven on earth by creating all I am given to teach, model, inspire and provide.
When you hear what is being called for, do it now.
Be totally responsible for all I think, say and do.
Stop doing what does not work and choose again.
Forgiveness is the key to freedom and trust.

I hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
I live, give and teach these truths so that all mankind might free themselves to choose life, liberty and happiness,(if they so choose).
I am here to forgive, erase and undo all blocks to the full realization of freedom and trust.
Personal Needs (Wants or Wishes)
To love myself consistently and live in Love with the One I AM.

Hours and Money:
I currently work, play and create from about 10-12 hours, 7 days/week.
I always have enough money, energy and time to provide for every good work.

Whatever is asked, say YES unless it does harm to me or to another.