Thursday, June 19, 2014

Self Respect

I love, trust and respect myself.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect me.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more I love, trust and respect others.
Self Respect is to see and trust the True Me.

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To Know your Self is to Respect your Self.
To be True to your Self is to Respect your Self.
To live your Truth is to Respect your Self.
To trust and free your Self to be is to Respect your Self.

When you live with Self Respect you live with integrity.
When you live with integrity, you are authentic and sincere.
When you  are authentic, you are confidence and trusted.
When you are confident and trusted, you follow the way you have chosen.

When you are self referring you listen within to the calling of your heart.
When you are outer referring you play to the needs or demands of others.
When you are self respecting you take impeccable care of yourself.
When you are externally referring you seek approval and confirmation.

It may be that you need to know what others want and need from you.
It may be that you forget your own values to abide by what others are doing.
It may be that you try to please, fix and help to your own detriment.
It may be that you forsake your own inner vision, dreams and goals to honor theirs.

Respect yourself by taking impeccable care of you first.
Get up early for the quiet time before the family awakens.
Give yourself the moments of quiet gratitude, inner listening, body stretches.
Take time to set you course for the day to honor what is your attitude to play.

Our life is lived well, when we come to the “well” within.
There is a wellspring of Love, beauty, peace and joy within.
When we take the precious time to be with our inner truth, we find energy and delight.
When we give ourselves the daily rest of listening within, we can give our best.

Respecting our timing shows us the ways to flow.
Respecting our gifts gives us the ways to grow.
Respecting our nature allows us to renew ourselves.
Respecting our truths makes us confident and true.

When we respect who we are, unlimited in power and in peace, there is nothing we cannot do.
When we look beneath the seeming personality limitations, we can see the infinite at work in us.
When we forgive the past limiting beliefs and learning experiences in life, we see ourselves free to be.
When we claim confidence and trust in our inner Goodness and Beauty, we live always with Self Respect.

Loving me and you with respect and trust, confidence and Appreciation.
Betty Lue