Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What Is Too Much?

I make positive, helpful and happy choices.
I trust myself to do what is best for me.
What is best for me is best for others.
I learn from every choice I make.

Too much or too little?
Too hot or too cold?
Too big or too small?
Goldilocks was looking for what was just right!

Do you know when things are just right for you?
Do you know when to stop and when to go?
Do you adjust to time and space, too fast or too slow?
Do you take the time to even ask, “Is this right for me?”

Look at life as simply being CHOICE!
It is all your choice!
“To be or not to be!” this is your question.
When we stopped making choices, we became vulnerable and at the effect of others choosing for us.

Are you choosing what you have?
Do you continue to keep what you no longer want?
Are you maintaining what has no value for you?
Have you sorted our, given away, sold and let go of what you would not choose now?

Are you choosing what you do?
Do you choose to spend your time and money doing what you do?
Have you chosen consciously to do what is on your schedule?
Do you want to do what you do for others and yourself?

Are you choosing how to be?
Do you choose how to dress and speak and behave?
Do you choose the words you say and to whom?
Do you like what you have chosen and intent to keep it as is?

When you simply “go along to get along”, have you allowed others to control your life?
Have you chosen to let society, fad or belief choose for you?
When you are lazy or unaware, you may allow what seems to be the way it is, to be your guide.
Are you the master of your path and purpose, your focus and destination?

When cranky, angry, hurt, scared, resentful, blaming, you have not chosen what is true for you.
When you are upset with others, you will find that somehow somewhere you have not chosen for you.
When you are assuming, indirect, unclear or staying in situations too long, you are not at choice.
When you are choosing consciously, you free ourselves to choose what is right for you.

When dealing with others, you are assertive, clear, concise and consistent in what is “right” for you.
When wanting something from another, you trust their choice and encourage them to be at choice.
You free others to choose for themselves and trust yourself to choose for you.
There is no manipulation, control or judgment of others making their own choice.

Interesting experience for everyone to be free to choose, exactly what they want to be, do and have.
Smiling at how freeing for you!
And perhaps how scary to trust others to be free to choose for themselves.

Loving us in learning together.

Betty Lue