Saturday, March 22, 2014

Are You Waking Up?

I am awake and at choice in my life.
Life is fun, safe and easy for me.
I no longer need drama or hardship to wake up.
I consciously choose and experience the life I want.

Do you know why you are here?
Are you happy being here?
What will it take for you to want to be?
Are you willing to find out what makes you feel happy and free?

If you love life and live fully and freely each day, you are awake!
If you can’t wait for the first daffodil or crocus or bud on the tree, you are alive.
If you listen for the bird’s song and watch for the springtime robin, you are happy to be.
If you whistle or hum while you work or smile when you finish a project, you are happy to be here.

It takes very little to be delighted with life, when you are awake and aware.
Life seems to be the joy of play and the satisfaction of work, all rolled into one.
Everyday is a gift of giving and receiving the best that you have.
Releasing the past pain and worry, stresses and struggles, is as easy as breathing a sigh.

Indeed, how many feel and know this heavenly place?
It only takes practice to give us the learned limiting ways of striving and struggling.
To be free requires learning the tricks to undo the shackles and chains, like and escape artist.
We need to stop listening to “who done me wrong” tunes and sing “What a Wonderful Day!”

Life is a cherry without the pits.
Life is an oyster with infinite pearls of wisdom.
Life lemonade extraordinaire, so pucker up for a sweet kiss.
Life is a kaleidoscope of colors and a hot air balloon ride and a beautiful day.

Like the magician you are, transform empty spaces into unfolding moments of enlightenment.
Like the warrior you are, chase away fears and stand with courage and confidence in your world..
Like the artisan you are, create, beauty and goodness with your imagination, words and interaction.
Like the king and queen you are, treat everyone with dignity, respect and gratitude,

The time has come to see what is real.
Your work has begun to let go of the past.
You are the one to bring into the foreground what is good and beautiful and whole.
This is your moment to give your very best and forgive and erase the rest.

When you practice, you begin to see what creates your reality.
When you learn to listen within, you take time to clear what has fear.
When you release until you have peace, you understand what has been holding you back.
When you take full responsibility for opening your eyes, your mind and your heart, you have a real start.

A little hint to wake up and find the Good that is waiting for you:
It is easier and simpler to let go than to hang on and cover up what was never True anyway.
Remember the reality of Love and Goodness is what you make it up to be.
Experiment with being down and discouraged, angry and upset vs. being up and encouraging, happy and free.

When you practice the magic in your mind, you get to know you were the One all the time,
Loving you in everyway, everyday.
Having fun being fully responsible,

Betty Lue