Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What Works for You?

I do what works best for me.
What works for me inspires others to do what is best for them.
When all are free to choose, we are happy and at peace.
Life works best because we choose what works.

Some conserve and some spend.
Some withhold and some share.
Some tell the painful stories and some tell the inspiring stuff.
Some want commiseration and some want distraction.

What Do You Want?
Do you want quiet or prefer noise?
Do you want simplicity or complexity?
Do you prefer ease or challenge?
Do you choose regularity or like diversity?

Each one of us is choosing.
When we make up others have made our lives, we lose power.
When we see ourselves as victims, we feel weak and inept.
When we take responsibility, we recognize we can choose and change.

What works for you?
Do you want to be responsible for your life?
Are you able to respond to whatever comes your way?
Do you distract or detour yourself from difficulties?

When life is not working for you, do you choose again?
When you seek the problems, do you see them easily?
When you seek for the solutions, do you find them quickly?
Consider that what you seek, you find.

I ask myself to be response-able for what I see needs attention.
I invite myself to be willing to look for and find solutions in trust.
I encourage myself to be open to possibilities for good.
I am grateful I can always change my mind, including thoughts, beliefs, fears and choices.

When we learn we are choosing the experience we have, we can change our experiences.
When we realize the life comes from our perception of circumstances, we can change what we see.
When we recognize that our experience is our projection, we forgive, erase and delete finding fault.
When we practice changing our thought, words and deeds, it becomes clear we are the projector.

Like a kaleidoscope, we look through the glass and see ever-changing panorama of color and sound.
We make up the pieces to fit in the ways we choose to see and believe.
The stories we hold and the fantasies we believe all fit until we let go and declare “I don’t really know.”
When we forgive, erase and undo it all, what remains is the creative power we choose to experience.

And so it is, I Am I and You Are You, coloring the world in the way we make true.

Let us color in Love together.
Let us color with Freedom.
Let us color with Trust.

Trusting and freeing and Loving us all to choose the colors we use, 
Betty Lue

I wanted to  share with you our  wonderful experience.
I love honoring the energy of the Sun!
I love sharing good ways to save money for other Good.
I love being able to experiment with what works.
Betty Lue and Robert

Interested in solar systems!!!
Good for environment and good for YOU!
This is our second solar experience.
 The first was 8 years ago in Rio Vista.
 This system is much sleeker and less conspicuous.
Ecologically, we’re committed to doing what we can for our environment and solar is a great way to eliminate the need for commercially produced energy.
Having had previous solar experience, we did some “informed research” and chose Solar City as our provider.

We had the choice of either buying our system outright or leasing the system.
For financial reasons, we chose the lease.
We now have a system that produces 1½ times the energy of our last year’s consumption (we are spending more time here now, so wanted total coverage) and costs us 20% less than our average monthly bill. (I always like more for less.)
Plus, we have a 20 year guarantee of zero price increase, and I’m pretty sure PG&E will go up in that time.
If we ever move (and we’re definitely not planning on it), we have the option of selling the system with the house or having it moved to our new home.

If you have any interest at all, you can contact Tim Cali ( <> ).
Quickest, easiest, no-pressure education you can get about solar.
 Let him know you know us!
If coming up our direction, you can also come see our system in action.

Robert and Betty Lue