Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Are You Sensitive?

I respect myself and others in choosing what is best for us.
I trust the choices I make.
I honor my health and happiness with every decision I make.
I live impeccably to be the best I can be.

The canary in the coal mine showed when it was safe for the miners to live.
Are you the one who shows every sensitivity to your environment and the energies around you?
Do you experience negativity, toxicity, imbalance and even when it is not healthy for others?
Consider the possibility that you are the barometer for health, happiness and harmony for humanity!

What if we are stressed by unhealthy food and air, ideas and institutions!
What if we all are impacted by negative thinking, crude words and disrespectful behavior!
What if we each are polluting our environment with our fears, judgments, guilt and resentment.
What if we are killing ourselves with lack of love and trust, lack of freedom and appreciation!

Yes, I know we can do better……much better in keeping ourselves fully alive.
We can start by opening our eyes to seek what we each can do to make it better for everyone.
We can look for and relinquish all attack, all pollution, all conscious apathy and neglect.
We can seek and find places and people and ways to give our best.

Yes, I can treat my self better….much better with the thoughts I allow and the words I speak.
I can change my mind quickly and easily for the good, the highest way to choose.
I can forgive quickly any mistakes I make in my thoughts, words or actions.
I can choose everyday for the goal I seek and the ways I live and love and give.

Yes, we can see and find better ways to change the world, one mind at a time.
We can listen to and watch what inspires, encourages us and connects us with one another.
We can create and share all that is good and whole and beautiful for everyone.
We can trust each one to learn the best ways for them to heal and grow, to live and let live.

Yes, you can be the change you want to see.
Yes, you can learn from everyone with respect and appreciation.
Yes, you can step away from anger, fear, condemnation and negativity.
Yes, you can encourage others to step up with trust, freedom, appreciation and respect.

If you are sensitive…… ( I am!)
First, take care of you.
Acknowledge your sensitivity without blaming, judging or creating more guilt.
(Guilt begets more of the same.  It is not an effective deterrent!)
Begin to educate and lead the way to clear the thoughts, words, behaviors and environment.
Treat yourself and others with sensitivity, forgiveness and respect.
Handle your mistakes with gratitude and grace.
Love the one you are as a demonstration and encouragement for others.
Live your life with openness, appreciation, kindness and respect.
Be responsible for your own choices.
Ingest the best and forgive the rest.

Remember if you are the canary, it is your gift to keep yourself healthy and happy, whole and free.
Trusting your own intuition and inner guidance to make choices that serve the best for you.
Live fully and freely as you are called, fully enjoying and appreciating the good you know and are.
Let each one of us make the world happier and healthier with our own impeccable choices to be.

Loving you in loving me, 
Betty Lue

Tips for Whole Life Health
1.  Nutrition—Ingest the best and forget the rest. Feed your body and mind only what is best.
2.  Movement—Enjoy moving with the natural flow of life.
3.  Breath—Breathe in life energy and expand your awareness.  
4.  Touch—Reach out with love and respect.
5.  Thought—Choose thoughts which heal and free you.
6.   Forgiveness—Erase beliefs which limit you.
7.   Attitude—Express gratitude. Enjoy life.
8.   Balance—Moderation in all things brings harmony.
9.   Perception—What you perceive in others, you strengthen in yourself.
10. Purity—Eliminate toxic thoughts, activities and relationships.
11. Rest—Relax your mind and body to be revitalized.

12. Contribution—Give everyone what you want to have.