Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Are You Grateful?

I appreciate all the Good in my life.
I am grateful to be me.
I value learning from everyone and everything.
I love giving thanks for All That Is.

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Appreciation has power.
Gratitude create a good life.
Saying “thanks” transforms relationships.
Being openly thankful makes life work.

What you look for, you will see.
When you focus on what works, you will find what works for you.
When you focus on what doesn’t work, you will see it.
Wherever you put your attention, there you create more.

What you value, attend to and appreciate increases.
What you value, you give energy to……good or bad.
If you seek evil, you will find it.
If you seek Godliness, that you shall find.

Our mind is a magnet.
Our thoughts create images.
Our energetic attention and intention  generate where we focus.
Worry begets more worry, just as Love begets more Love.

This simple truth remembered will change your life.
To be happy, appreciate what brings you joy.
To be prosperous be grateful for all you have.
To be healthy, focus on how good you feel.

Appreciation increases.
Attention grows.
Love expands.
Your choices attended to with thoughts, words and actions will manifest.

Do you feel grateful?
Do you say “ thank you” to everyone and everything?
Are you have the gratitude habit?
Do you fully appreciate your Self and your life?

I Am grateful for the work that I do.
I Am happy with the life I have.
I value the gifts and talents I give to everyone.
I celebrate with thanksgiving that this is so.

I thank you for being my Reason for Being.
I thank you for remembering the highest truths.
I thank you for making positive changes in your life.
I am so grateful to be your Loving Reminder.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue