Sunday, December 08, 2013

Love Is A Spiritual Practice

I forgive hurting myself by withholding Love.
I forgive not being the Love I AM.
I let go of needing to hurt or be hurt with resistance to Love.
I choose Love as my guide, my protection, my comfort and my Source.
I choose to never quit on Love no matter what.

When you choose to love, you have chosen a spiritual practice.
Some call it work.
Some see is as healing.
I know Love inspires us to be our best.

When we do not Love, we feel depressed.
When we Love, we feel inspired.
When we withhold Love, we feel less.
When we give Love, we feel more.

When we focus on what we don’t have, we feel inadequate.
When we focus on all we do have, we feel grateful.
When we give less, we feel needy.
When we give more, we feel plenty.

This is not surprising, since we create our own thoughts and feelings.
This is logical, when we stop the drama and observe ourselves.
Give more and you will have more and be more giving.
Give less and you will have less and feel less giving.

What is the problem with Love and Loving?
You may have learned to be needy to get more Love and attention.
You may have learned to withhold Love from others to punish.
You may have learned to manipulate, control, demand and threaten what you want.

When we deny Love to anyone, including ourselves, everything becomes less loving.
When we deny Love to others, we feel less love for ourselves.
When we stop loving anyone, we hurt and feel guilty and less alive.
Love is our natural state and when we stop, we feel pain, loss and grief.

Forgive yourself and others for forgetting or denying Love.
Seek and find ways to clear the blocks to remember Love.
Stop taking another’s lack of love personally.
Step away from reactive situations and find the Love within you.
Respond to all calls for Love with compassion, forgiveness and Love.
Never quit on Love, 
Remember Love and return to Wholeness, Goodness and Peace.

This is our healing and Holy, good and Godly work.
This is our spiritual practice.

Loving you always, 
Betty Lue