Saturday, May 11, 2013

Some Basics for a Good Life

Happy Mother’s Day to all Nurturers and Nourishers.
Bless all the nurturerer and nourishers in our world today!
May you listen patiently, nurture respectfully and offer unconditional love to all.
Provide safety, comfort and gentle understanding for those in need.
Offer all those who nurture the sacred gratitude and profound blessing they deserve.
Loving All, Betty Lue

Some Basics for a Good Life

What you perceive (judge) in others is also in you.
Every judgment is a projection.
All we judge is to be erased with Love.
Forgive everyone and everything all the time, including your self.

Leave when you have mastered or completed what you start.
Step away when you no longer can offer positive energy.
What you resist will persist or return again to be healed.
Release with forgiveness, gratitude and blessing.

You become one with what you give to.
Give freely to that which is a blessing to all.
Give yourself everything you need to be your best self.
Give always your best for the benefit of All.

Everything is a gift of Love or call for Love.
When you receive Love, return your Love and gratitude.
When you are called to Love by one lacking in Love, Love them anyway.
Your work is to be the Presence of Love and Peace in encounters.

Undo the beliefs, habits and attachments that are no longer good for you.
When upset for any reason, take time alone to clarify, forgive, heal your triggers. 
Let the past go with your blessing.
Release everyone and everything to and for the Highest Good.

Spend within your means.  No borrowing or unpaid bills each month.
Save a minimum of six months living expenses for emergency with “no touch” policy.
Contribute to a college education fund for your kids.
Have a will or trust in place, especially if you have children.

Clarify in writing agreements with mate, roommates, children and others you live/work with.
Change agreements with only win/win solutions as needed.
What is best for you is best for others.
Decide always for the Good of All with no sacrifice, guilt or resentment.

Respect the rights and preferences of yourself and others.
Listen for what inspires and opens yourself and others to be happy and peaceful.
Give what brings harmony and happiness to all relationships.
Treat and share with others as you would want for yourself.

Give without expectation or assumption always your best.
Whatever is asked of you,  give, unless it does harm to you or the other.
Allow everyone’s learning and healing path without your interference or unsolicited advice.
Be willing to accept, respect and allow others to learn naturally. 

I am loving you and me as we learn to walk this earth in harmony,
Betty Lue

If you ever have questions, ask me.
If you don’t agree with what I write, simply forgive and erase.
Waste no energy on resisting.  
Use your  time and energy to contribute the Good in You.

What can you do to heal the fear in yourself, in your community and in the world?
Fear contracts.                        Love expands.
Fear withholds.                       Love shares.
Fear defends.                          Love is open.
Fear judges.                            Love appreciates.
Fear condemns.                      Love forgives.
Fear separates.                        Love joins.
Fear acts out.                          Love responds.
Fear withdraws.                      Love reaches out.
Fear shuts down.                    Love opens up.
Fear argues.                            Love listens.                  
Fear excludes.                         Love includes.
Fear worries.                           Love blesses.
Fear justifies.                           Love trusts.          
Fear is stingy.                           Love is generous.
Fear is pushy.                           Love is patient.      
Fear can be cruel.                     Love is kind.         
Fear is suspicious.                    Love trusts.
Fear demands.                          Love guides.         
Fear cowers.                             Love is courageous.
Fear takes care of  its own.      Love is helpful to all.
Fear distorts our thinking.       Love sees clearly.  
Fear speaks of wrongs.            Love speaks of value.

Often fear makes us sick at heart and sick in body.
Often fear shuts down our ability to think, feel and act for Good.
Often fear limits our healthy appropriate responses.

Each of us is called to manage, forgive, heal and release the fear in our lives.
What can you do to handle your fear and to help others with theirs? 

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