Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Life Is Not About Being Perfect!

Affirmation: I Am always in the right place, doing the right thing, for the right reasons.

Life is about gratefully using what you experience for Goodness Sake!
Sometimes we are so invested in being perfect, we pretend to be what we are not.
Sometimes we are stuck on making others believe something, so we deceive them.
Sometimes we are so attached to looking good, that we do not disclose the Real Goods.

The idea of being Perfect is imperfect.
Perfection is a stuck and static place to be with no room for growth or sensitivity.
Being righteously “right” gets us judging what is wrong and singing the same old song.
Trying to be perfect is a thankless job and yields never-ending judgment of ourselves and others.

I see how you may think I am perfect and my life is perfect. ( A client told me yesterday.)
Perfection is a myth.
Healing and growth can be fun, safe and easy and quick!  (as though nothing hard ever happens)
It all depends on what you want….to linger and suffer endlessly complaining and asking “Why?”

We each choose our own goals, values, beliefs, direction, speed and ease with which we live.
We each seek out experts, information and truths that fit or resonate with us.
I like the most loving and happy way to heal and grow, because for me the other ways “suck”.
I totally respect each person’s choices and honor with my highest regards for what you choose.

My life, as idyllic as it seems, has had its share of death, pain, betrayal, infidelity, bankruptcy and more.
I believe I have been given the opportunity to personally have most of human experiences, so I can know.
If I don’t “know” you and what you are going through, how can I walk with you and talk with you?
My way to deal with what happens in a human experience is to heal the pain and transform it into gain.

I have spent much of my life learning how most people deal with their lives in a painful way.
I know how to use my life experiences to deal with  what happens in a healing and growthful way.
I prefer to be happy and healthy so I can be truly helpful in serving the awakening of all.
Therefore I first keep my own house in order, including all my relationships, home, finances and self.

I notice the slightest “Off purpose” and I immediately clarify and correct any error in my thinking.
I seek inner counsel and guidance from my most trusted source and ReSource, the Voice within.
I ask only “What is the Truth I need to know?” and “How can I be truly helpful and Loving here?”
My work, as I teach and speak to you and all, is to clear the fear and listen for the Loving answer.

With practice, this work can be done in minutes, not hours, days or years.
Forgiveness, replacing fear with Love, is done immediately.
When we are willing to be new and make new and see all things new, life is a miracle of healing.
Love begets Love.  
Love heals fear. 
Love undoes what was and leaves only Love.

I prefer not to seek perfection, but to recognize the perfection in what is.
There is perfection, Goodness and Blessing in all things as they are.
When I remember, I see only our wholeness and Holiness.
I trust everything works together for Good.
Loving you, Betty Lue

Loving us all as the whole, Good and Beautiful beings of Love We Are,
Betty Lue